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DeepEyes Complete Waste Of Time VI

25.08.2015 – 22.05.2016



8 months


6 months

My keeper, living at home with me.

Murphy where put to sleep do to injury 22.05.2016.

So what is Murphy going to be? To be honest I dont know. I have «lost» the drive to have the huge goals, going to championships and so on. That does not mean that I’m not training anymore 😉 I haven’t lost the drive to train, but instead I’m doing what I would like to do. She will be trained in obedience and tracking, but I also have more opportunity to do some herding. As I do breed a herding breed I would like to learn more and use this time to start with sheep with a young dog. It probably want be enough time to start the form of herding trials that we have in Norway. But its still an opportunity to learn more. And we might even try some agility 😮 😉

I will still be competing with her in tracking and obedience, but probably not be in the higher class at 2-3 years of age. Or I might be wrong, time will tell 😉

 Navn DeepEyes Complete Waste Of Time VI
 Født  25.08.2015
 Tittler  .
 Alias  Murphy
 Farge  red and tan
 MH  .
 HD/AA  .
 Patella  .
Other Health Missing 1*P1, 1*P2 lower jaw at 8 months.

Her whole body went true 26 X-ray and a CT scan for figur out what was wrong with her. As far as I or the veterinary could se there where no remarks on hips, elbows or back/spine in any picture. Its not official status as she was between 8-9 months, but nice to know.

 Spor/Tracking   .
 Rundering/Searching   .
 Obedience  .
 Eksteriør Puppyshow: BOB & 2.BOG

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Valpeshow: BIR & 3.BIG

RIP 22.05.2016


8 months