Change off male in Saints litter

Do to corona we had to change male for the next litter. Not a bad change 🙂 I hope to be able to use Ex at a later time 🤞

The new male is one i know quite well. He is from my litter VI and his name is Monty. He is a SAR dog and is just awaiting his last test for approval and operational duty. He did his heart US earlier this week and everything is fine!

We hope for a mating between july-septmber. You can read more under planned litter.

2 new heart US 🖤❤

«Saint» has done her heart US and is with no remarks 🥳

And more greate news! «Logi» (5,5) Deepeyes I’ve Seen It All V also got a clean bill of heart/health.
He has been rechecked, last year they found something they where unsure off and recommended recheck and this time he got clear on every points. The documents are both on NKC database.


Not many competition results, but some nice once 🙂

Approved SAR DOG Avalanche – DeepEyes Winds Of Winter III Meera and Lars Johne had there first re-cap off there certification and are approved again as operative SAR DOG avalanche



DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V, Nils & Unnu is the Best Kelpie in Agility in 2019 chosen by our breed association (SBCAK)! (Finland)


DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V, Tuuri & Marika is the best «power couple/allround» kelpie in 2019 chosen by our breed association (SBCAK)! (Finland)


DeepEyes Kobayashi Maru VII Pippa & Tine started in RallyO1 again: 1 price, 195/200 points and number 6 off 39.


ILCH GrandCh DeepEyes Flying Circus VI «Peewee» has had her litter in Israel, 1 female and 4 males and 1 female. The female is staying in Israel so no one is moving to Norway. But It will be fun to follow Israels first born Australian Kelpie litter. With a mother from Norway and a Italian father.  Reports tells that she is a perfect mum, just like her mum and her grandmother. ❤



All competitions are closed in Norway and training areas, so not much to tell the rest off the month. Corona has had its impact and I think its the same in almost all European country. So stay safe! And her comes some pictures.



January 2020

BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP «Puk» and Carina ended the old year and started the new one with a first place at New Years Challenge and he had some nice ASCA Runs in January with three more qualifying scores in Regulars (we are still missing some for ATCH) and some more in Gamblers and Jumpers often on top of the podium.


C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16 «Veli» and Sofie took an other 2 CAC in RallyO


ILCH GrandCh DeepEyes Flying Circus VI «Peewee» got her 4th CACIB so now she is international champion ! She is also hopefully expecting puppies in the middle of March with a handsome Italian guy.




Some results from 2019

Happy new year to all off you!

A short summery of 2019.

The Star Trek litter: all off them has approved MH and HD A or B, and other good health results. Congratulations to you all! Some has also have other results:

  • «Ådi» DE Resistance Is Futile VII: Very good at show.
  • «Spock» DE Highly Illogical VII: CAC from International show
  • «Pippa» DE Kobayashi Maru VII: RallyO-1, moved directly to class 2.
  • «Izzac» DE Live Long & Prosper Vll: Nose work – approved eucalyptus, Wildgame tracking – approved, Approved for SAR training/lämplighetstest.


  • «Veli» DE Dance With Dragons III: RallyO champion and in total 10 RallyO CAC! 2nd and R-NORDC CAC at show.
  • «Arya» DE Song Of Ice and Fire III: CACIB and BOB international show.

  • «Nils» DE Dull Flame Of Desire V: became Finnish jumping champion, he was 4th in Finnish Agility Indoor Championships (Large) and 5th in Finnish Championships (Small large). He also won Helsinki region Championship (Small large). And agility club’s champion in small large.
  • «Tuuri» DE Possibly Maybe V:  became Finnish agility champion and got 2 jumping certificates. Tuuri became our agillity club’s champion in small large class. From rally-o he got title RTK3 and is allowed to compete in highest class. In obe he got his second first prize in highest class, one more needed for obe ch.
  • «Puk» DE Pagan Poetry V: biggest accomplishment this year has been to qualify for awc tryouts and he had some nice runs there. We didn‘t compete at championships 2019 but he has been on Podium quite a few times on local competitions big or small.

  • «Peewee» DE Flying Circus VI: Israel Grand Champion
  • «Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI: had a litter off puppies


Off the DeepEyes I think its wort mentioning the Litter 1 sisters. DeepEyes Talia Al Ghul I «Talli» and DeepEyes Poison Ivy I «Ivy» still going strong and hopefully se there 13 year birthday in 2020.

Then we have the other Dutch in the household 😉

  • «Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax: Best agility run 15 faults and Norwegian and Danish show champion.
  • «Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee: Approved KORAD mental part. Last CAC in Norway and CACIB (needs working results for Norwegian Show champion). Started agility.

And both them and Talli being super dogs with a two legged in the house growing up. Official working results might be missing at this point, but they still have many many years to come ❤

I think I might have forgotten some DE results,  but hope not!!


Happy new year from all off us to all off you.

Love from Jeanette, Kenneth, Ailo, Talli, Sinner and Saint.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.

December update

Tine and «Pippa» DeepEyes Kobayashi Maru VII had there debut in RallyO and got 1.price and 1 price 196/200 points.

(Pippa is on breeding terms and apparently I own the 4 points she left behind 😉 )


Marika and «Tuuri» FICH FIAGCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V got there second 1st prize in obedience highest class/FCI3, one more needed for champion.


Sofie and «Veli» C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16 took yet an other CAC in RallyO Elite!


Carina and «Puk» BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP small xmas competition Puk got 2nd place in 3rd grade Agility Run and 5th in Gambler.
Last Weekend He has some nice runs: one Open Jumping 5th Place out of over 60 competitors and on Agility run 3rd grade on 3rd place (20 competitors).


From «home» we only have show results to brag about (give me a couple off years, I will come back 😉 ) We had the big weekend in Norway «Dogs4All». I showed Sinner one day, and borrowed Arya CHUCH NUCH DKUCH DeepEyes Song Of Ice and Fire III.

First day the both where placed as 4th male and 4th female with CQ.

Second day I only showed Arya and she did the job and got BOB. She also got her Norwegian CACIB for CIB. She has from Denmark and Swiss from before. So now her owner just need to take her WCC 😉

And OMG! Arya will be veteran next year 😮


For Saint I have made a decision. I’m going to breed her next year even if she does have C-hips. After much consideration, weighing her mentality, social behaviour, working mentality, and how much I push her physical with no issues. And having her hip pictures considered in several countries by radiologist, veterinary and physical therapist I feel confident that she is worth 1 litter. If you want more details about the prosess you can feel free to contact me. Enquires are welcome and there is already some interest. She has  9 months between her heats and will probably be mated September/October 2020.

Her partner will be IHT-2 BH C.I.B PLCH SKCH CZCH GrandCH STRONG EXCALIBUR Red Radimus. You can read more about the plans and more health checks that we are planning to do on the litter page. 

In short Ex is a male I meet first time in Germany at WDS 2017, I also meet his sister and mother. And I had a great feeling about him. I again meet him in WDS Amsterdam 2018. And decided that ONE DAY, I will ask and hope I will get a yes.  And her we are 🙂 Just some heart tests away.



News November

«Tuuri» FICH FIAGCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1 DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V and Marika has taken there second CAC in jump.

«Puk»BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP has been on podium quite a few times in autumn at local Agility competitions. And he got another Qualifying Score for his ASCA ATCH (Agility Trial Champion).

«Peewee» ILCH GrandCh DeepEyes Flying Circus VI got her 3rd CACIB and wone the breed at our last

«Veli» C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16, has taken 6 (!!) CAC in Rally Obedience Elite.

«Troll» DeepEyes Trolling The Universe V I I has had a change off home do to personal reasons and is back in Norway. Super dog with really good bases for continue working. New owner is very happy and also old owner. A super rehoming.

«Izaac» DeepEyes Live Long & Prosper Vll is approved to start training SAR. Did a really good test.

«Bailey» DeepEyes Lust For Glory VI in the US dont really have any official results but her mum sends a report: «Bailey is a professional spider hunter and eater! Just got her masters degree and she kicks ass! Mom is very proud, so she doesn’t have to wake up with spider bits and rotten flesh on her body in the morning. She got bitten herself once poor thing. Took her 5 pills a day for 10 days to get well again. She was screaming in pain so we had to go to pet ER on a Sunday. So it is a tough profession she has choosen. Thank you for your service Bailey!»

And I get reports off happy lifes working and doing there business in there daily life. Happy dogs and happy owners. Some random pictures.

Congratulations all owners, small or big results or just taking good care off the dogs. ❤

Heart, new US.

«Logi» DeepEyes I’ve Seen It All V has had his heart US. And he became a «case» for the Norwegian cardiologist to discuss.

First they did think heart problems. His heart is in a «grey zone» in size, and shows miner leaks.

And conclusion is that his heart is normal for a kelpie. Kelpies have, by there collected results, a larger heart that also makes small leaks because the heart is larger. So the conclusion is if his heart is fine in 6 months: he is clear. For know his status is DCM equivocal («inconclusive».)

Sounds very much the same conclusion that Tuuri got in Finland after 2 US and Banjo got in Israel after 2 US. Both checked by cardiologist.

Puk had grown in size between his US, so he is on medication and we are awaiting next result.

Do we understand Kelpie and heart so far? No, but the more info and more results we get, the closer we get to a conclusion (hopefully).

This is the official form for Logi, its also in the Norwegian Kennel Clubs database «dogweb»

Logi hjerte


Almost fall, and her are some summer updates!

«Nils» and Unnu came 5th in the Finnish Championship! And they have become Finnish Jump champion!

FIAGCH FIJCH FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V69491241_10157594519682328_4314401451783749632_n

«Tuuri» and Marika qualified for both team and individual at the Finnish Championship.

FICH FIAGCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V


«Saint» and me has been to international show, and she gained her last CAC for an Australian Judge, she also got CACIB and BOB. She needs the working results to gain her official champion title!




Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee


«Spock» and Birgitte where at the same show and gained there first CAC, 2 best male and res.CACIB that will become a CACIB.

DeepEyes Highly Illogical VII


«Veli» and Sofie gained an other CAC in RallyO.

C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’1669113343_10157734123329155_26597993729753088_o

«Harly» and Monica gained there last agility CAC, but no title since he is cryptozid. He also has had his eye scanned with no changes (9 years).

AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAJCH NACH)40468544_10155548429491426_7753822240356958208_o

Then some sad news. «Puk» and owner where to have the heart scan again. He has no clinical signs during working in the summer heat ++ but his scan this time shows changes and is «more» enlarged so probably not «just» sporting heart. They will check again in 6 months. He is on medication as a precaution in case of DCM. But a.t.m he is function as normal.

BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP67507332_10157474292638024_7804205818806534144_n