Planned litter summer/fall 2021


This plan is open for changes since its still a long time ahead.

Pippa is to develop more and both parents will have they’re heart checked and eyes scanned before mating. Those test should not be any older than one year at the time of the mating. But if everything goes by the book the plan is to mate Pippa and Sinner  summer/fall 2021.

There is also a second option «in the mist» an older guy that I might want to use before he gets too old. And Sinner is still young enough to be used in Pippas second litter. So: open for changes. If you are interested in the litter you can contact me for the second option.

NUCH DKCH GEJW’19 AD Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax «Sinner»  

DeepEyes Kobayashi Maru VII «Pippa» 

Colours in this litter will be mainly red & tan, but also might have some red and chocolate.

You can contact me for information about the litter but its still a long time – so I’m not putting up any puppy list a.t.m.

I will be putting one female puppy on part ownership.