Planned litter summer/fall 2021


This plan is open for changes since its still a long time ahead.

I have decided to wait to use Sinner for Pippas second litter since both parents will be young at the time of mating.

Males can wait longer before having a litter and considering that the biggest problems in the breed are development illnesses I will wait with Sinner since Pippa is only 3 at the time. I have an older dog in mind, but there are a couple of factors that have to fall in place before the plan is 100%, Sinner will be backup male if every plan falls true.

DeepEyes Kobayashi Maru VII «Pippa» 

You can contact me for information about the litter but its still a long time – so I’m not putting up any puppy list a.t.m.

I will be putting one female puppy on part ownership.