Litter planned 2020/21

We are planning to have a litter fall 2020. Saints hear will probably be in August/September 2020.

But plans are not 100%, both dogs will have there heart US spring/summer 2020.

You can contact me for a serious enquiry and interest. Information is still under update.


DOB: 29.04.2015

Father of Ex: AUCH Callicoma Maher HIC (=Herding Instinct Certificat) HD A, ED 0/0

Mother of Ex: PLJCH PLCH CIB CIE GrandCh HUJCH JWW13 WW18 EUW16 Red Dublin Kelpiebrink   HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free, Eyes clear by ECVO but DNA: CEA affected. Heart clear, MDR1 N/N. PT1, PT2, PT3 BH, OB 0, OB Z, Herding Instinct Test, HNAT, HWT, IHT1

Information about Ex:

  • correct scissor bite, full dentition.
  • High: 50 cm. Weight: 19-20 kg
  • WORKING TRIAL: HWT-CS, IHT2-TS, BH, in training to obedience and Fpr (tracking)
  • HEALTH: HD: A; ED: 0/0, OCD: free; Spondylosis: free, Patella 0/0
  • Heart – Healty (EKG, USG, color Doppler); Eyes – clear; (Will do heart again 2020)
  • MDR1 N/N (healthy), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) exon 2: N/N (healthy), CEA N/- (Carrier)
  • Show titles: C.I.B, J.Pl.Ch, Pl.Ch., SK.Ch., Junior Club Winner 2016, Club Winner 2017, 8 x CACIB
  • CHARACTER: excellent herding instinct, high prey drive, very good food drive.

    EX is a very well balanced dog, with excellent expression of temperament but when he does not work he is calm. He is very easy in training but requires an experienced handler. He is not afraid of gun shots and thunder storms. He is very social, very friendly to people. Bold and assertive, bossy with other dominant males but friendly to females and neutered males.

Link to Facebook page. 



Siblings of Ex: 

CIB CIE WW17 EW18 PLCH GrandCH Scarlet Avalon Red Radimus:

  • Health: HD A, ED 0-0, OCD free, spon.0, heart clear, eyes clear ( CEA affected)
  • Activity: BH, Companion Dog lvl 2, herding (NHAT, HWT, IHT1), training protection

Smart Ginerva Red Radiumus:

  • HD A, Eyes clear, Heart no remark.

Half siblings, same father that you can find information about on SKK hunddata:

  • Kennel Vickulas T-litter
  • Kennel Busligan
  • Kennel Evallens S and T-litter

Dam: Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee 

Have a look at Saint’s own page for more information.

Colors will probably be: black, red and chocolate. There is a tiny chance for tan.