NUCH DKCH GEJW’17 AD Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax

2 years


20 months

Eier/Owner: Me


Mo van Mokum, Nederland


Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax (male)





Mental Decription: approved 


  • HD: A/A (excellent)
  • ED: 0/0 (excellent)
  • Knees: No remarks (done unofficial)
  • Spine: No remarks (unofficial in Norway)
  • Eyes:
  • Teeth: full dentition and correct bite.
  • Heart: (will be done first time at around 3-4 years off age)
  • DNA register: Yes


  • DNA test Animal genetics: MDR1 Clear
  • DNA test Animal Genetics: D/D (negative for the dilution gene)
  • By parentage probably: At/At n/KB (Does carry tan, and is shaded)
  • Ears where taped lightly from 4-6 months to help the left ear stand.
  • hight at 15 months: 50-51 cm.


  • Obedience: 2.price OBI1
  • Agility: debut done in jump1 september’18. Agility will not be before 2019.
  • Herding: training, but since we dont have our own sheep its limited how far we can get 😦  (But he is very keen and shows eye and good outrun. No bite or bark)
  • Tracking: approved Norwegian Kennel Clubs working test/Godkjent NKK’s Kårningsprøve. WCC
  • Approved AD (stamina test in IPO program, 20 km), godkjent UHP.


  • 3*CAC/Cert and BOB Norway = Norwegian Show champion (in Norway you also need working merits for title)
  • CAC/Cert in Denmark. = Danish Show champion
  • BOB Puppy and BOG4 puppy
  • German Junior Winner 2017
  • Junior CAC from Germany
  • 2*CAC/Cert in Netherland.

Up for stud?:

  • Sinner will at the earliest be up for limited breeding at 3/4 years of age. At the moment (2017) he is still under evaluation and awaiting siblings results.


Sinners accomplishments and when


BOB Puppy and BOG 4 puppy


CAC in Denmark

2.price in OBI1

Approved Norwegian Kennel Clubs Working test (WCC)

German Junior Winner 2017

German junior CAC

CAC in Norway


CAC & BOB in Norway

AD/UHP approved

Approved MH

2*CAC in Netherlands

Debut in jump1 agility


CAC from International show in Norway

Norwegian show champion



Sinners family

Sire: Ch. Dutch Dynamite Dweller Dwanko International, Netherlands, German (VDH) Champion; BWNL’14, Bundessieger’15, Europasieger’15. Agility 3rd Gr. and Herding. HD-A, ED-0, Eyes Clear, Heart Clear, MDR1 free, complete Scissor Bite Dentition. DNA registered.

Dam: I’Breeze. Herding, Canicross; HD-A, ED-0, Eyes Clear, Heart Clear, complete dentition. Scissor bite. DNA registered

Sinner has 6 siblings, information from the breeder all boys have there testicles. And all have complete dentition, correct bite and there ears up. I do not have complete competition results, but will write what they are used for.

  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Daz, red male lives in Finland. HD-A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, back clear on all points in Finland. CAC in show. Rally.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dante, lives in Nederland red& tan male. HD-A ED 0/0 Agility.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Darth, black male.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dash, black&tan male, lives in Switzerland).
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzlin Dayz, lives in Nederland, red&tan female HD-A ED 0/0 Agility, CAC in show and herding-approved HIT.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzlin Dawn, black female, lived in Germany.


Skjermbilde 2017-11-19 kl. 09.20.41