NUCH DKCH GEJW’17 AD Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax


2 years



20 months

Eier/Owner: Me


Mo van Mokum, Nederland


Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax (male)





Mental Decription: approved 


  • HD: A/A (excellent)
  • ED: 0/0 (excellent)
  • Knees: No remarks (done unofficial)
  • Spine: No remarks (unofficial in Norway)
  • Eyes:
  • Teeth: full dentition and correct bite.
  • Heart: (will be done first time at around 3-4 years off age)
  • DNA register: Yes


  • DNA test Animal genetics: MDR1 Clear
  • DNA test Animal Genetics: D/D (negative for the dilution gene)
  • By parentage probably: At/At n/KB (Does carry tan, and is shaded)
  • Ears where taped lightly from 4-6 months to help the left ear stand.
  • hight at 15 months: 50-51 cm.


  • Obedience: 2.price OBI1
  • Agility: debut done in jump1 september’18. Agility will not be before 2019.
  • Herding: training, but since we dont have our own sheep its limited how far we can get 😦  (But he is very keen and shows eye and good outrun. No bite or bark)
  • Tracking: approved Norwegian Kennel Clubs working test/Godkjent NKK’s Kårningsprøve. WCC
  • Approved AD (stamina test in IPO program, 20 km), godkjent UHP.

Sinners lack off working results are no fault off her own. There has been some life changes that makes compeeting with dog NOT a priority the next couple off years. 


  • 3*CAC/Cert and BOB Norway = Norwegian Show champion (in Norway you also need working merits for title)
  • CAC/Cert in Denmark. = Danish Show champion
  • BOB Puppy and BOG4 puppy
  • German Junior Winner 2017
  • Junior CAC from Germany
  • 2*CAC/Cert in Netherland.

Up for stud?:

  • Sinner will at the earliest be up for limited breeding at 3/4 years of age. At the moment (2017) he is still under evaluation and awaiting siblings results.


Sinners accomplishments and when


BOB Puppy and BOG 4 puppy


CAC in Denmark

2.price in OBI1

Approved Norwegian Kennel Clubs Working test (WCC)

German Junior Winner 2017

German junior CAC

CAC in Norway


CAC & BOB in Norway

AD/UHP approved

Approved MH

2*CAC in Netherlands

Debut in jump1 agility


CAC from International show in Norway

Norwegian show champion



Sinners family

Sire: Ch. Dutch Dynamite Dweller Dwanko International, Netherlands, German (VDH) Champion; BWNL’14, Bundessieger’15, Europasieger’15. Agility 3rd Gr. and Herding. HD-A, ED-0, Eyes Clear, Heart Clear, MDR1 free, complete Scissor Bite Dentition. DNA registered.

Dam: I’Breeze. Herding, Canicross; HD-A, ED-0, Eyes Clear, Heart Clear, complete dentition. Scissor bite. DNA registered

Sinner has 6 siblings, information from the breeder all boys have there testicles. And all have complete dentition, correct bite and there ears up. I do not have complete competition results, but will write what they are used for.

  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Daz, red male lives in Finland. HD-A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, back clear on all points in Finland. CAC in show. Rally.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dante, lives in Nederland red& tan male. HD-A ED 0/0 Agility.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Darth, black male.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dash, black&tan male, lives in Switzerland).
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzlin Dayz, lives in Nederland, red&tan female HD-A ED 0/0 Agility, CAC in show and herding-approved HIT.
  • Dutch Dynamite Dazzlin Dawn, black female, lived in Germany.


Skjermbilde 2017-11-19 kl. 09.20.41