Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee


Saint 3,5 months



Owner: Me


Mo van Mokum, Nederland


Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee (female, black)






To young


  • HD:
  • ED:
  • Knees:
  • Spine:
  • Eyes:
  • Teeth:
  • Heart:
  • DNA register: Yes


  • DNA test:
  • D/d – carries dilute, can produce blue/fawn with the right male.
  • B/b carries brown.
  • E/E does not carry cream/yellow.
  • At/At have two copies of the tan gene.
  • n/KB is full coloured but can produce tan with the right male.
  • N/N SLocus, is negative for the spotting or parti-color gene.



  • Puppy: Several BOB, 4.BIG and 3.BIG


Saints accomplishments and when


Several BOB Puppy

4.BIG puppy

3.BIG puppy



  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Dena, black female living in Sweden
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Delta, black female living in Israel (with Banjo from DE V-litter)
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Delphi, brown female living in France.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Demi (Mojo), brown female living in Germany.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Denise, black female living in France.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Dexter (Freddie), black male living in Germany.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devote Devon, black male living in France.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devote Dean, black male living in Finland (with Tuuri from DE V-litter)

Sire: CH. Dutch Dynamite Dyno Dyon (Zoran) born 03.06.2011

HD-A, ED Free, Eyes & Heart clear (’13 & ’16)
NLCH, DECH, BS’16, ES’16. 2nd Grade Agility, 52cm (Blue with Tan Gene)

I have had a distance crush on Zoran since the very first time I saw him on a Picture, both him and his sister. When i finally got to meet him when I picked up Sinner I was lost. And he is one of the very few dogs I  have meet that could have taken home at the first second. If Mo had offered me him I would have taken him home at the same time as I picked up Sinner. But he didn’t 😉 So at that moment I decided that I would get a puppy or grandchild from Zor later. But the option togheter with Tallis halfsister came sooner. And with no breeding females at home.. well…. thats how Saint came to Norway. Just a big crush on her father.

Dam: CH. Skovfarmen’s Chocolate Kafele (Kira) born 26.04.2013

HD-A, ED Free, Eyes and heart clear 2016.

 INTCH (CIE), NLCH, DECH, Winner ’14, BWNL’14, BWBE’14, Belgian Winner ’14, BS’15 & ’16, ES’15.
3rd Grade Agility. hight 48cm.

Kira is halfsister to my very first litter where Talli is from.  And since I dont have any breeding female from my own lines at the moment, I had to grab the opertunity.

All Pictures below are taken by Mo van Mokum.

Zoran and Kira
Zoran as a youngster


Skjermbilde 2017-06-26 kl. 08.01.19.png