Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee

BOB for Australian judge Mark Johnston
Saint 3,5 months



Owner: Me


Mo van Mokum, Nederland


Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee (female, black)





Mental Decription: approved

Mental Test/Korad: approved 342 points (2 years old. She still needs the show part for approved as title)


  • HD: C/C (no calcification, just a beauty fault that will never bother her)
  • ED: 0/0
  • Knees: 0/0
  • Spine: no remarks at 14 months
  • Eyes: will be done summer 2020
  • Teeth: full and correct bite
  • Heart: will be done summer 2020
  • DM: G/G Clear
  • CEA genetic test: -/- clear
  • DNA register: Yes


  • DNA test: Se full profile with DNA testing for CEA and DM at «MyDogDNA»
  • D/d – carries dilute, can produce blue/fawn with the right male.
  • B/b carries brown.
  • E/E does not carry cream/yellow.
  • At/At have two copies of the tan gene.
  • n/KB is full coloured but can produce tan with the right male.
  • N/N S-Locus, is negative for the spotting or parti-color gene.


  • Agility: blueberry run (unofficial class for young dogs with low jumps and tunnel)

Saint lack off working results are no fault off her own. There has been some life changes that makes compeeting with dog NOT a priority the next couple off years. 


  • Puppy: Several BOB, 4.BIG and 3.BIG
  • 3*CAC, CACIB and BOB in Norway (Norwegian Champion title when she has her WCC)


Saints accomplishments and when


Several BOB Puppy

4.BIG puppy

3.BIG puppy


2*CAC & BOS Norway

MH approved

Agility:  1 place blueberry run


Started official jump competition


(Norwegian Champion when she gets the WCC)

Approved MT (mental part for Korad)



  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Dena, black female living in Sweden: HD-B, ED-0/0, PL 0/0. MH approved.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Delta, black female living in Israel. HD-B, ED 0/0
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Delphi, brown female living in France.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Demi (Mojo), brown female living in Germany.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Denise, black female living in France.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devoted Dexter (Freddie), black male living in Germany.
  • Dutch Dynamite Devote Devon, black male living in France HD-B, ED 0/0
  • Dutch Dynamite Devote Dean, black male living in Finland HD-A, ED-0/0, PL 0/0, LTV0 VA0. MH approved.

Sire: CH. Dutch Dynamite Dyno Dyon (Zoran) born 03.06.2011

HD-A, ED Free, Eyes & Heart clear (’13 & ’16)
NLCH, DECH, BS’16, ES’16. 2nd Grade Agility, 52cm (Blue with Tan Gene)

I have had a distance crush on Zoran since the very first time I saw him on a Picture, both him and his sister. When i finally got to meet him when I picked up Sinner I was lost. And he is one of the very few dogs I  have meet that could have taken home at the first second. If Mo had offered me him I would have taken him home at the same time as I picked up Sinner. But he didn’t 😉 So at that moment I decided that I would get a puppy or grandchild from Zor later. But the option togheter with Tallis halfsister came sooner. And with no breeding females at home.. well…. thats how Saint came to Norway. Just a big crush on her father.

Dam: CH. Skovfarmen’s Chocolate Kafele (Kira) born 26.04.2013

HD-A, ED Free, Eyes and heart clear 2016.

 INTCH (CIE), NLCH, DECH, Winner ’14, BWNL’14, BWBE’14, Belgian Winner ’14, BS’15 & ’16, ES’15.
3rd Grade Agility. hight 48cm.

Kira is halfsister to my very first litter where Talli is from.  And since I dont have any breeding female from my own lines at the moment, I had to grab the opertunity.

All Pictures below are taken by Mo van Mokum.

Zoran and Kira
Zoran as a youngster


Skjermbilde 2017-06-26 kl. 08.01.19.png