February 2023

DE Rocket Man IX «Exid» started in OBI1 again and got 1st price and 3.place!

DE The One IX has gotten a new title RLD N. She competed two times in Rally class and got 100 and 96 off max 100.

DE Pagan Poetry V «Puk» did this years first clean run to stay in highest class agility.

DE Pin It X «Gibson» has gotten his first title from the Danish Kennel Klub. He completed a Nose Work Junior Challenge and now has the title SIWIJSCG. 🤩

And we round off with a picture off DE Pin & Tonic X «Kitka» that lives in Finland.

January 2023

This year starts with some sad news. DE Highly Illogical VII «Spock» has been put down. With age he developed some serious separation anxiety that kept returning even if it was trained again and again. And he also got a low bare for biting. After there had been a couple off bite incidents, last one in face, owner decided it was best to put him down. I agree to that decision. He has been true several veterinary checks and nothing was wrong with his body or health. It was sadly the mentality. RIP Spock❤️

Siblings «Pil» DE Pin In A Haystack X and «Urt» DE Pin Up X posing togheter

«Cava» DE The One IX got 1.price and 2nd place in OBI1 and has been moved up to OBI2 🥳


«Pelé» got himself a new title: SIWISCG (Sirius Winther Challenge GOLD) 🌟 Not bad for a 2 year old with 8 official titles 😍

DE Pin It X «Gibson» got his first ribbon passing and graduating from Foundation training (puppy tricks class). 🥰

AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II «Harly» X-ray back, pelvis, knees and neck – no remarks. Not bad for a workaholic soon to be 13 years old 🥳

And close the blog off with some random pictures off DE kids.

«My» kids
Dory and Pippa
Tuuri and Ihme

December 2022

First Happy New year 🥳

Opening the blog with a picture off «Skessa» NUCH DE Violently Happy V

DE Rocket Man IX «Exid» made his debut in class 1.obedience with 1 price and 2.place. He can now love up too class 2.obedience.

DE The One IX «Cava» made her debut in RallyO and got 100 points- 1.place and 96 points-4th place.

«Navi» went to the Xmas show, and recieved our last certificate towards our championship! The judge loved her, and praised her muscle condition and her wonderful, friendly temperament 🥰 She is now N UCH NJV-21 Deepeyes Delicious VIII 🥳🖤

C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16 have some more titles to put in her name. She became BOB veteran at the Swedish Winner show and all in all 3 best female. She is then also SVV22!

And some pictures off different Deepeyes and earlier connected to the Kennel 😀 I promis to update latest litters page soon 🙄🤪


November has been a quiet month, but always something to tell 😀

The Pinners have settled in there new homes and the feedback is greate. So far so good ☺️

Good news on AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAHCH+NAGCH)
Harly went to a new UL /heart check up late in October, and the results showed that his heart leak now is smaller! Yay! 🤩

Just for fun news!
We have just started a class in fitness training for dogs.
Learning new stuff is still cool! 🤩 – Harly 12 years young.

NW1 DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII NHAT «Ådi» has a «moving up» result in startingclass obedience. Congratulations ❤️

DE Muscle Hill VIII «Pelé» had become a brother to a little 2 legged wonder. ❣️ Congratulations ❣️

Sinner, Saint and «Navi» DE Delicious VIII went to the Nordic show in Sandefjord. We where hoping that Navi would get the last leg for NOCH but only excellent on her and Sinner. Saint saved the day getting her first Nordic CAC (our first Nordic show) and BOB.

September and October 2022

A late blog for those two months. As you probably know we had puppies and some other projects also. Always something 🤪

Starting out with «Puk» BH ÖJCH ATCH Deepeyes PaganPoetry  JS-E-SP

«we‘ve been to heart scan to his yearly checkup. Heart output is still normal but his left atrium gets bigger. He now gets a higher dosage of his medication. He still doesn’t have any problems yet and is just a happy one, always ready and eager for anything we get in mind.»

And some Agility results: On his first bigger event for a long time he managed to qualify for the finals.
And on Vienna Championship he got third with his team and in individual 4th place due to my mistakes 😄

And we will start in intermediate 2023 (he has been measured 47,5cm)

«Ådi» NW1 DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII NHAT had 3 qualifying results in RallyO and title RLD N. He also did a nice exterior description for Korad and got measured to 46 cm.

DE Viesker VIII, also known as Ihme is now allowed to compete in highest class in agility 🤩

Ihme got his first clean run in highest class agility 🥳 And uncle Tuuri (DE Possibly Maybe V) is doing great too, being a bit nasty on agility courses but now we are just enjoying to be able to compete 🥰


DeepEyes Wanderlust V «Banjo» has had a litter off puppies in Israel. Same combination as my VIII litter.

«Exid» DE Rocket Man IX has started RallyO twice and now have the title RLD N. He also started in starter class tracking and is now moved up to lower level tracking (C class in Norway).

«Pele» DE Muscle Hill VIII earned LP1B (he passed novice obedience class x 5 and therefore achieved a bronze title) and earned SISSCS (Sirius September Sniffs Challenge Silver) an online Nose Work challenge through DKK ⭐️ and the tricks titles from august is TKN (US), TKI (US) and TKA (US)
Tricks novice, intermediate and advanced 👏

«Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI has had a litter off puppies and will come back stronger next year for competition.

«Navi» DE Delicious VIII has tried on sheep’s again and is showing signs off eye.

I have had some questions about next planned litter. And it will be at the earliest spring 2024. 🙃 I was wondering about mating Saint but at this point I have not found a male that I think will way up her C hips like the last mating. I will let you know if it changes, but 99% not before 2024.


First: 28.08.2022 the 10th DeepEyes litter was born. ❤️ 7 puppies in total: 4 males (1 brown 3 red&tan) and 3 females (1 brown and 2 red&tan). Pippa is doing a greate job with them.

«Cava» DE The One IX has done her MH with a greate result. And did her debut in Starterclass obedience with 193 points 🥳 Also debut in class 1 obedience with 250 points and 2.price. But not stopping there she also did her NHAT with Excellent as result.

«Ådi» DE Resistance is Futile VII where shown at the Swedish breed special and got CQ and 1. In open class. He also got an other approved scent for NoseWork. 🥳

«Meera» DE Winds of Winter III is enjoying her retirement.

«Siwert» started the bronze mark obedience and got approved (6,5 points from maximum score) 👌 They also made there debut in class 3 RallyO, but got a disqualified. Next time!!

«Navi» DE Delicious VIII started Kårningsprøve (working test tracking and obedience) and got approved 🙏

«Pelé DE Muscle Hill VIII got 3 new tricks titles: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

«Harly» DE Small Chance of Success II is also enjoying his retirement.

«Dory» DE The Bitch Is Back IX has been health checked and got back clear, A hips and 0/0 elbows.

«Izaac» DE Live Long and Prosper VII has done is MT with nice results 🥳

«Exid» DE Rocket Man IX has made his debut in RallyO class 1 with 99 off 100 points, 2 place.

July 2022

BH ÖJCH ATCH Deepeyes PaganPoetry  JS-E-SP «Puk» started competing again after Baby Break – First competition: 3rd place 🥉2nd Small competition: Our Timing is much better-clean run & 1st Place 🥇

DE Rocket Man IX «Exid» has made his debut in Obedience and got 3×1 price, where 2 where 1.places. He then got his first title LD Startklass.

FIUCH FIAGCH FILCH FIACH-H HeJW15 TK3 RTK3  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V «Tuuri» has been competing in agility and rallyo. In rally he would have gotten an approved result in highest class, but thanks to 2 mistakes by handler no result 😆 But he got judge’s price for great perfomance which was ruined by handlers mistakes 😂

RLII DeepEyes Madman Across The Water IX «Siwer» got his last 1.price I’m RallyO class 2 and gained the title RLII. He is also xrayed with A hips and 0/0 elbows.

DE Diana Zet VIII «Maxa» has done her MH. Owner did not really recognise her dog as she normally is.
She normally checks out stuff, not reacting to anything and quite a safe dog. So she was very surprised. On day in a dogs life ❤️

DE The Bitch Is Back IX «Dory» has been to her very first shows and got 2*CAC, 2*BOB junior, 2*BOB and placed 4 in group.

C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16 «Veli» still going strong!! Veli 10,5 år! Still going strong! 💪 Excellent, CQ, NORDIC CAC, BOB Veteran and BOS.

DeepEyes Viesker VIII «Ihme» got his second clean run in agi2 class.

And an update from «Harly» AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAHCH+NAGCH) he is retired, but don’t know it himself so they are still going to classes in a different sport.

NJW’21 DeepEyes Delicious VIII «Navi» has been exploring new search. They have been searching for a missing cat. After 3 hours she was still not done, but the handler was tired. She is showing extremely good work ethics.

Kaja formerly known as Vesper has moved to a new home. The rehoming has nothing to do with me not breeding her, but other personal factors from the former holder. She has now moved to Sweden and found the perfect home. She has been there for 1 month now and she seems super happy. In my part I have never had any issues with rehoming. Most dogs that are normal forgets and move on and lives in the moment. As long as there needs are covered, they don’t really care where the live 😉 So rehoming is just a question off «can the new owner give them the life they need and want».

May and June

Cava (Deepeyes The One IX) HD A/A ED 0/0 Rygg Ua🥳
47cm, fulltandad & korrekt bett.

Deepeyes Delicious VIII «Navi» har collected BOB, BOS, CACIB and CAC. Now she only need one more CAC after she turns 2 years and the working results to become Norwegian show champion

Pelé took Cert + Cacib +BIR and qualified for Crufts 2023 this weekend and got 2 x Excellent with CK and res. CERT and Cacib i April 🌟
In novice obedience he got one more first prize.
NW2 he blamed his handler for not getting the first 100 points as I fucked up his container search, and he nailed all others searches with praises from the judges. We have one more NW2 this weekend so hopefully I’m a better handler, and has better news to write about in that context 😅
We also went sheep herding which he killed with confidence and a great working job!NW2 trial we won the interior search ⭐️ But still no 100 points 🫣

DE Rocket Man IX ”Exid”
Är röntgad med ED ua (0/0) HD A/A, patella ua (0/0), rygg UA. Och har känd mental status med 1:a på skott 😁 Exid har også debutert I lydighet med ett 1.pris. Bilder fra kelpiegallery.com

hme got his first clean run in Agility

DE Viesker VIII «Ihme» has had his first clean run in agility. As far as my Finish goes, i think he has had more clean runs and can start class 2 🙈 He has also been to a show and got Good.

«Siwert» DE Madman Across The Water IX har two 1 prices in class 2 RallyO. He also have an approved MH.

«Ådi» DE Resistance is Futile VII has competed in Nose Work and have 3 diplomas in TSM1

«Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI has moved up to Elite searching in the working program.

«Izaac» TJH RH DE Live Long and Prosper VII is now fully approved SAR Dog in Sweden

«Ina» DE Ina Scot VIII has been too two shows, both days Excellent. Old photo 😉

«Vesper» Blackriver Kennel Vanilla Sky has been with us for almost 2 months. She has been shown twice and got BOB x1 and 2x CAC. She is now out trying a new home. Hope it’s a good match 🤞 A very nice female in many ways, but not for breeding as she gets huge problems with her heat (itching, temperament problems and extremely fals pregnancy that last for 2 months)

«Ayla» DE High Flying Bird IX also have health results: HD A, ED 0/0 back no remarks. And approved MH.

«Dory» DE The Bitch Is Back approved MH. Health checkes will come in August.

We have also been making puppies and will hopefully se if there are puppies there at the end off July when we can do US🤞

April 2022

Ina, Pele, Ihme and Navi from litter VIII did there MH at Säffle. All did good and the results are on SKK.

DE Dull Flame Of Desire V «Nils» did triple clear run and got the results for qualification for Finnish Championships next summer!

LP1 DE Muscle Hill VIII «Pelé» got his LP1 title (and a third place in the total score) last weekend during his first obedience competition.
He also went to a couple of NW2 competitions and tried sheep herding.

DE Delicious VIII got her first CAC and BOB and the first day at the Easter show. Beating her mum Saint. In best female. Ina got VG and DE Madman Across The Water IX «Siwert» where also shown to VG.


Siwert also made his debut in RallyO. 195/200 points. And total number 6. Directly moved up to class 2 with first price.

DE Ina Scot VIII got the longest straw the second day at the Easter show and got her first CAC and BOB, also beating her mum. Navi got Excellent.


The coming month Maxa from litter VIII will do her MH. And also some from litter IX.

February and March 2022

The blog got a bit late having had normal sick kid and whe WHOLE family got corona. But now I hope we are done with that part 😉

Johanna and DeepEyes Live Long & Prosper VII ”Izaac” approved SAR dog!

Unnu and DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V «Nils» has been competing agility every now and then (to be honest way too seldom!), but luckily we did qualify to the Finnish Agility Indoor Championships via ranking. We had super weekend there, Nils got silver 🥈 from small large individuals and gold 🥇 from the team relay!

Tira and Navi DeepEyes Delicious VIII got approved there bronze mark in Obedience.

Then we have some sad news «Strider» Deepeyes Through Shadow II where put to rest couple off days ago.

Other rhen that, hers some pictures and short stories:

DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI «Ennen» has been on a holiday on a farm with kids. No problem she sad!
DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II Harly still enjoys life. He has been to control off his heart again, have some development and put on mediation. But still jo physical problems.
«Cava» Deepeyes The One IX

«Exid» Deepeyes Rocket Man IX
«Dory» Deepeyes The Bitch Is Back IX
«Ira» Deepeyes My Elusive Drug IX
«Ayla» Deepeyes High Flying Bird IX
«Siwert» Madman Across The Water IX

Pictures proudly stolen from the owners 🙈😉

The coming weekend there is MH for 4 off the Harness Racers litter VIII. Hope I’m a bit quicker with that blog 😅

And hope not anyone feels forgotten in the blog 🙌