«Banjo» and Ilana in Israels first official frisbee competition

Today Ilana and «Banjo» ILCH ILJCH GrandCH DeepEyes Wanderlust V made there debut in Israels first official frisbee competition.

They started in 3/5 games. There best placement where 2nd place in the game «wheel of fortune»

Congratulations 😀

Hope for pictures tomorrow, but her together with his family


One more down…

It’s starting to become a joke :p

But I know that I’m very hard, but I also do live by the rule: would I take a puppy? And this time the answer again is: no.

I have evaluated Skessa, and I have already been a bit unsure do to her size. I dont find it a good size for working to be so small as her, and she is somewhere between 42-43 cm. So just touching the standard. But I let that part go do to her temper and work that I really like!!!!

But then the x-ray of her back shows a missing lumbar. It will probably never bother her. But I have to think of breeding. I have talked to some veterinaries and other breeders and its difficult to say: she might give normal puppies, there might be the same «problem» in the first og second generation, it might be a genetic mutation that can be or can be not hereditary, it might be a very milde form of dwarfism with no medical condition signs and so on.

For me this is a to unsure answer about her «condition». And again: would I take a puppy knowing this? My answer is sadly no 😦

But I do have plans for the future for the boys, and hope that I can have the opportunity to use one of them or a puppy after one of them in the future! The good thing about boys: you have so much more time to see how the grow and develop then with the girls. And I really like this litter!

I have taked to Marie and Skessa will be hers after all the results and MH are done (so there want be a problem with papers and names and so on) And I will be able to borrow her for shows, even if my first priority is working, I do like the social part with traveling and showing dogs. So why not have an extra to show if there are room in the car. 😀

And I have so far only been lucky with mye «breeding terms – holders» and the cooperation there. Thank you so much Marie (and the rest of the family). ❤

5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show

One of the times i «stole» her: 5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show

This weekends results

I’ll try to make it in english 😉

Friday was the Norwegian Winnershow. From «me» it was Lani that I showed and Sofie came from Sweden with Veli. This weekend there where no critics.

Norwegian Winner friday:

«Veli» KORAD DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III: won the Working Class with CC. No placement in the female class.

«Lani» AUCH NUCH Sandsprite Southern Sky: won the champion Class with CC and was placed number three in the female class with reserve CACIB.

Nordic Winner Saturday:

Deepeyes Ice Age Scrat «Lykke» won the intermediate class with CC. Congratulations to Monica. Still young and need to grow some more.

Korad Deepeyes Dance with Dragons III «Veli» 3 best female and CAC in Norway!  Thats means that when she become Swedish Champion she will also become Norwegian champion 😀 Congratulation to owner Sofie! Well shown today!!

NUCH Deepeyes Dream of spring III «Dany» excellent and unplaced in a strong champion class. Congratulations to Marianne. Dany is just as slow as her mum, she needs a couple of more years to «body-up». But the girl can move.

AUCH NUCH NordW14 Sandsprite Southern Shy, BOB! And as her new tittle states Nordic Winner 2014. Congratulations to Anette! She really showed her self well from me this time. And those last couple of laps before decision time we almost had one lap on the other three dogs :p  And she showed well in the group also, I will guess that its Lanis first time in a ring with spotlight and high music 🙂

And with BOB today Lani also become Norwegian Kennel Club’s Breed Winner of the Year!

Skjermbilde 2014-11-16 kl. 18.33.23


At the same time in Israel «Banjo» DeepEyes Wanderlust V was shown at his very first baby show. He won BOB Very promising baby and 3 best in herding group. Congratulations Ilana!

Critic from Judge Shaun Watson:

Very happy dog. You get what you se at this age. Good feet. Wants to play. Good head. Correct ears and expression. Nice topline and tail set. Moves well.


What a day!!

Sunday. Obedience time- still at the Nordic Winner:

Today was naked Talli’s day, and we started Elite obedience at Nordic Winner, one of the biggest obedience competition of the year in Norway. One thing is to show in that noise, but to give commands and really work an elite program is a completely different story. This was Talli’s first time at an indoor obedience and at such a big show arena with show rings everywhere at the same time.

She did well, no price do to one 0 that was my fault and one that was Tallis ( 😉 ) we are sharing the bad part. But she had fun and did av very good job. Not any problem for her too work there, only needs more training in the program so where will be more points 🙂

Thank you all for coming this weekend! And again congratulations on the great results!

First milestone

As I have some puppy buyers that don’t have Norwegian as first/second language the blog about the puppies are in english. 🙂

Today the puppies have reach there first milestone, 3 of the puppies are opening there eyes 😀 Don’t think there other once are far after. 

Arya is starting to leave them for longer periods (but manly she is with them). Since all if them are getting along and respectful to Arya with the litter, I am able to keep there doors open. So Arya keeps visiting us for a couple of hours during the day to have a nap when the puppies are happy and sleeping. When the wake up and start to scream for mum and food she runs up to them again and stays there for a couple of hours. 

So if they all have there eyes next week they will be moved down to the living room during daytime, if its ok for all the dogs. I’ll make a little puppy pen 🙂

And at the end, one male is still looking for a loving and active home 🙂


Björk kullet er født *oppdatert*

9 valper kom ut, 3 tisper og 6 hannhunder.

En tispe var desverre død og hadde mistet fargen innen hun var ute, fikk ikke liv i henne. En hannhund er fortsatt litt svak, puster men ikke fått til å die enda. Ellers er Arya veldig flink! Første født kl, 0200 og siste kl.0500.

Og hva er oddsen for at de skulle få samme fødselsdato som LOTR kullet?!


Nå slappe av.

Ene hannhunden som var veldig slapp døde også. Så nå er det 2 tisper og 5 hannhunder. Resten virker sterke og fine.

Valpene har fått navn (jeg missliker sterkt kalle de på farge :p )



  • Skessa – rosa
  • Björk – blå



  • Draumur – orange
  • Logi – gul
  • Imi – blå
  • Skundi – grønn
  • Skolli – rød

DSC_5930 DSC_5934 DSC_5933 DSC_5932