DE Clash Of Kings III

SVJV12 LD DeepEyes Clash Of Kings III


Eier: Johanna Fridh, Tierp Sverige

Tidligere eier: Ingvild Bodsberg Stræte, Ås


 Name  SVJV12 DeepEyes Clash Of Kings  III
 Born  28.02.2012
 Title  Svensk Junior Vinner 2012, LD
 Alias  Geo
 Other  Chocolate (with some tan shading), both testicals, correct bite and full dentition.Height: 50 cm
 MH  Godkjent m/1.skudd. Approved and gun steady.
 HD/AD  HD/Hips-A AD/Elbows-A
 Partella  no remarks
 Eyes  Clear 08/2013
 Spor/Tracking  Startet D-spor
 Agility  .
 Obedience  1.prize and in obedience class 1*3 =LD
 Eksteriør/Show Excellent 2xcert BIR, res.Cacib/ Excellent 2xCAC BOB , res.Cacib

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