† DE Clash Of Kings III

SVJV12 LD DeepEyes Clash Of Kings III


Eier: Johanna Fridh, Tierp Sverige


 Name  SVJV12 DeepEyes Clash Of Kings  III
 Born/RIP  28.02.2012 – april 2022
 Title  Svensk Junior Vinner 2012, LD
 Alias  Geo
 Other  Chocolate (with some tan shading), both testicals, correct bite and full dentition.Height: 50 cm
 MH  Godkjent m/1.skudd. Approved and gun steady.
 HD/AD  HD/Hips-A AD/Elbows-A
 Partella  no remarks
 Eyes  Clear 08/2013
 Spor/Tracking  Startet D-spor
 Agility  .
 Obedience  1.prize and 1.place in obedience class 1*3 =LD
 Eksteriør/Show Excellent 2xcert BIR, res.Cacib/ Excellent 2xCAC BOB , res.Cacib

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