† DE Ice Age Yoko IV


Eier/Owner: Åsa Tomter



This litter is not being born at home with me, but with Hilde Nordli. She is the breeder and the person of contact. But the puppies are going to be registered in my kennel name since Hilde only planes to have this one litter.

 Name                                             DeepEyes Ice Age Yoko IV
 01.01.2013 – 28.10.2015
 Title  .
 Alias  Katla
 Other Langvarig udiagnostisert lidelse i bevegelsesapparatet (jobber fortsatt med å finne en diagnose). Røntgen/CT viser uregelmessigheter mellom c6-c7.

Undiagnosed longterm problems with her movement, still searching for an answer. Has irregularities in c6-c7 on xray/CT.

 MH .
 Partella  0/0
 Eyes Clear 2015.
 Spor/Tracking  ..
 Agility  .
 Eksteriør/Show Very Good