† DE Ice Age Scrat IV

NUCH DeepEyes Ice Age Scrat IV

10 months

10 months

Owned by Monica in Bergen.


Monica has know full ownership of Lykke since I have decided not too have a litter on her. This is do to no gene test for CA and some social insecurity in the litter.

Lykke is retired from competition 2021 do to injury in her back in the L7S1 area.

Og ja, vi vet Scrat er hannkjønn i filmen, men man kan ikke ha ett Ice Age kull uten en Scrat! 😉

 Name                                            DeepEyes Ice Age Scrat IV
 Born  01.01.2013
 Title  NUCH
 Alias Lykke
 Other Hight at 9 months: 47.8 cm
 MH Gjennomført med 2 på skudd
 Partella/Spine PL: 0/0. Spine: no remarks 2014
 Eyes ua/clear-desember 2013
 Spor/Tracking  Opprykk til C-spor.
 Agility  2 napp i hopp 1

2 napp i agility 1

Obedience and RallyO  Rally 3: 1 first price.
 Eksteriør/Show  BOB & 3x CAC, CACIB/BIR & 3x CERT, CACIB

Skjermbilde 2014-05-07 kl. 20.39.35

This litter is not being born at home with me, but with Hilde Nordli. She is the breeder and the person of contact. But the puppies are going to be registered in my kennel name since Hilde only planes to have this one litter.

10 months

10 months