DE Small Chance Of Success II

AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAHCH)



«Certainty of death. Small Chance of success.. What are we waiting for?»

Hannhund som bor hos Monica i Bergen.

Male, lives with Monica in Bergen.

 Name  DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II
 Born  02.08.2010
 Titles  .
 Alias «Harly» (Tidligere Fangorn)
 Other kryptochisme, correct bite and full dentition.

2016: heart murmur grade 1-2

08/2017: doppler us shows a mild Aortainsuffisiens. No treatment needed at this point and no physical symptoms.

01/2018: X-ray back: with no remarks (no signs of calcification or malformation of the skeleton.)

 MH Godkjent m/1.skudd. Approved and gun steady.
 Partella  ua/no remarks.
 Eyes Katerakt (ikke medfødt).
 Spor/Tracking  1.plass D-spor og opprykk til C-spor.

agility 3 – 2x Cert/CAC

Jump 3 – 3x Cert/CAC



 1.pris klasse II/ 1. price level II obedience.

Elite rally obedience.

 Eksteriør/Show  kryptocid, shown as a puppy with very good criticism.

Skjermbilde 2013-08-23 kl. 17.14.49

3 years

3 years