† DE Meaning Of Haste II


† 11.09.2014

Balrog has been put to sleep.

He had to much social insecurity for children outside of the family.

In his own family he was only loving and tender for people any age, but unfortunate you can not control your surroundings 100% and one day what is not suppose to happen, happened.

Thank you for all the years of love you and your family have given Balrog, Marie. ❤




«Run, Shadowfax. Show us the meaning of haste

Hannhund som bor hos Marie.

Male, lives with Marie.

 Name  DeepEyes Meaning Of Haste II (Korad*)
 Born  02.08.2010
 Titles *Godkjent MT 356 poeng, ikke tatt eksteriør.
 Alias  Balrog
 Other brown, both testicals, correct bite and full dentition.
 MH Godkjent m/1.skudd. Approved and gun steady.
 Partella  .
 Eyes øyner ua-2014/Eyes clear-2014
 Spor/Tracking  Godkjent D-spor, opprykk til C-spor
 Rundering  .
 Lydighet/Obedience  1.pris kl.III / 1.price level III obedience.

The breed clubs best Obedience kelpie of the year, 2014.

 Eksteriør/Show  Very Good at int.show. BIR&3.BIG valp/BOB & 3.BIG puppy.
Skjermbilde 2013-08-23 kl. 17.16.16