DE Beyond Any Of You II


Bob 5 years picture by

A Balrog – a demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!

Hannhund som bos hos Ulrika i Sverige.

Male, lives with Ulrika in Sweeden.

 Name  DeepEyes Beyond Any Of You II
 Born  02.08.2010
 Titles  .
 Alias  Bob (tidligere Wizard)
 Other brown, both testicals, correct bite and full dentition.

Atopi – mild allergy against house dust and other.

 MH Godkjent m/1.skudd. Approved and gun steady.
 Partella  0-0, no remarks
 Eyes Øyner ua 2014/ eyes clear 2014
 Spor/tracking  .
 Nose work  godkjent: eukalyptus og lagerblad
 Lydighet/Obedience  1.premie kl.2 lydighet
 Eksteriør/Show  Very Good in class.


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