Tuuri heart check

DeepEyes Possible Maybe V «Tuuri» has checked his heart by US.

In short the result is:

A tiny-tiny in both mitral and tricuspid valves there is a insignificant leak towards vestibule and heart on the limit for sporting heart. No signs of bi-sounds with stereoscope.

The paper in Finnish, and a try of translating veterinary language in Finnish over to English *puh*


Tuuri came to the vet because he has been a bit uncalm at night time, no other symptoms.. Some of his siblings have been diagnosed with some changes in heart.

In ascultation normal sounds from heart and lugns. Pink and humid mucous membranes. Stomach normal.

In US can be seen a normal heart. Left chamber of the heart is on the limit of normal size. Contractility (the way heart «pumps» the blood» is in normal range. In both atrio- ventricular  valves there is a insignificant leak towards vestibule. Flow rate of big veins is in normal range. (bicuspid/mitral

and tricuspid valve)

In this examination a heart disease can not be found. Because the size of left chamber (?) is a bit big, still in the range of normal, I recommend a contro US in about 6 months. Take contact, if there are any symptoms.

Hers a map and the leaking points has been circled. Bicuspid valve I understand as the same as Mitral valve.





Sinners first CAC and Saint last puppy show

Saint where at her very last puppy show today. She is 7 months and her next show will be the «real deal» 😉

She got BOB under judge Liz-Beth Liljeqvist Sweden.

Good size. Nice head. Eyes a bit light. Good bite. Enough bone, strong paws. Normal angultation. Long chest. Good topline and very promessing movement. Excellent coat.

Saint behaved like a pro in the ring, but decided not to when it was picture time :p



Sinner did his last show in Junior class. He got Excellent and CQ from junior and had 3 other boys in the ring for best male. Sinner got male and his first CAC in Norway (we need working results in Norway and he got his in november). He was much more comfortable in the ring today and moved well in the ring 😀

Judge Liz-Beth Liljeqvist.
Good size. Nice shaped head, a little big ears. Enough dark eyes. Good bite. Enough bone and strong paws. Normal angultation, enough body. Long and good chest. Strong back. Elastic movement. Correct coat.


And yes, I’m feeding him  He is coated down and needs some more meat on his bones. But I have also just started to exercise him more physically with more pulling and back pack. So the result will be this for a couple of months



Eye and heart check Banjo

Then «Banjo» DeepEyes Wanderlust V has checked his eyes and heart.

Eye: Results are PPM Iris, other then that he is clear 🙂

For those who dont know what PPM is:

What are persistent pupillary membranes (PPM)?

Persistent pupillary membranes are strands of tissue in the eye. They are remnants of blood vessels which supplied nutrients to the developing lens of the eye before birth. Normally these strands are gone by 4 or 5 weeks of age.

Depending upon the location and extent of these strands, they may interfere with vision. They may bridge from iris to iris across the pupil, iris to cornea (may cause corneal opacities), or iris to lens (may cause cataracts), or they may form sheets of tissue in the anterior chamber of the eye. In many dogs these tissue remnants cause no problems.

Inheritance is not defined.  Breeding recommendation from Nordic Eye Examination Committee:

  • Hunder med små forandringer med strenger som krysser over pupillåpningen kan brukes i avl, men bør fortrinnsvis pares med hund uten tilsvarende forandringer. Dette gjelder alle raser.

(My translation: dogs with small changes can be used in breeding, but is encouraged to use partners with no PPM.)


Remark Mitral Valve regurgitation.




Deepeyes 3 international CH

ILCH ILJCH ILGRANDCH BY GEW17 Deepeyes Wanderlust V «Banjo» can put an other title to his name: Internatinal champion! Congratulations! 

Talli and Sinner has also been out and about again. We went to Stockholm winner.

Sinner got vg. He is a bit «high and tall» in the ring at the moment and don’t really show well (he feels uncomfortable after some other young boys is trying to pick a fight and he knows that he is not allowed and he don’t want to pick a fight. But I think age will fix that) 

Talli shows well as always and became Swedish Veteran Winner 2017! And 3 best female! 

Saint was with us also and became BISMascot 😉 She loves being at shows and walking around and looking at everyone and everything. And if I give her something to do the focus is on me. Great puppy! 

BH and show results

Just a couple of days after Ilana and Banjos return from Germany they did there BH and got approved. So even one more title:

ILCH ILJCH GrandCH BH GW’17 DeepEyes Wanderlust V



Yesterday (Friday) «Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee BOB at the Norwegian Kennel Club puppy show (600 puppies entered).

«6 months. A very promessing puppy with nice proportions. Well shaped head. Well plased ears. Nice neck and topline. Enough body for her age. Nice angels in the behind. Moved easily. Nice temper.»


Today was Norwegian Winner 2017

«Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee got BOB puppy!

Elegant female, feminine head, excellent topline, correct chest (dept), correct frontchest, good bone, walks well. Very promising.

«Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax second best junior with excellent .

Nice head and eyes. Carries his ears to wide. Correct body and angulation. Bit narrow gait in front.

«Talli» DeepEyes Talia al Ghul I won veteran class, 2 best female and BOB veteran.

Correct proportions. Compact. Good head.nice neckline and chest depth. Correct back (topline) correct chest (front). Well angulated.

«Veli» DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III got excellent and 3 in champion class.

Do to car trouble we dident stay for the puppy or veteran group.

Talli and Veli


German winner, World Winner and Rally + health

Then we are home and time for some update on results. I where off showing at German Winner and World Winner 2017 in Germany. I’ve showed Talli and Sinner. Saint where with us as a mascot. And from DeepEyes Ilana came all the way from Israel to show «Banjo» ILCH ILJCH GrandCH DeepEyes Wanderlust V. On Saturday Carina also came with «Puk» BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry RS-E, JS-E, GS-E. It was so much fun to se the boys again, I haven’t seen them live since they where delivered 😀

First we had German Winner on Wednesday, and the results was SUPER 😀

  • Sinner got Excellent Junior, J-CAC, BOB Junior and first title: German Junior Winner 2017
  • Banjo got Excellent champion, VDH CAC, CACIB and BOB, and title: German Winner 2017
  • Talli got Excellent veteran, Veteran-CAC, BOB veteran and BOC and tispe: German Veteran Winner 2017.
  • Sinner and Talli also went into Brace class and was in the main ring 😀

In the main ring non of them got anything, but showed themselves excellent.

Then we where ready for World dog show on Saturday, 33 kelpies entered:

  • Sinner where shown in junior and got VG and junior.
  • Banjo got Excellent, number 2.champion, 2 best male with Res Cacib & Res VDH-CAC. Soooo close :p
  • Talli got Excellent, 1.veteran, Veteran VDH-CAC and BOS veteran. She gained two new titles this day: World Veteran Winner 2017 and VDH/German Veteran Champion.

In short my impression after seeing so many new dogs: Some are HUGE, there are some big males around in hight. For the first time I did se a lot of loose hooks. Most had the kelpie temper, but some did not like to be handled and some where aggressive agains other dogs in the ring or showed that they could just TRY to get close. But all in all, most where good kelpies 🙂 I’m not going anymore into details in the blog 😉 Got a couple of new males/litters to keep an eye out for in the future.

So new names for the doggies, Picture taken by Carina Lenotti

ILCH ILJCH GrandCH GW’17 DeepEyes Wanderlust V


Korad CIB NordUch Nb(sp)ch FiUch VDH EUW13 RL2 NVV16 GVW’17 WVW’17 Deepeyes Talia al Ghul I


GJW’17 Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax



And hers Puk together with the others. Also picture taken by Carina



We had a great time! Thank you all for coming and all the lovely people we meet. None mentioned none forgotten ❤

Other then that I just read in FB about some other results this weekend in Rally:

Monica started Rally with «Lykke» and «Harly»

  • DeepEyes Ice Age Scrat IV – debut in class 3, 196 points first leg for Elite and
  • DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II – Class 3, 197 points, directly moved up to elite and
Harly & Lykke

Marika and «Tuuri» also when to Rally this weekend.

  • DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V – Beginners class 99p/100p placement 1/19. Just need one more for next class.


Congratulations to you all!!!

And last but not least:



And I forgot an other important news: «Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI has done her heart US: NO REMARKS 😀