Second US clear litter VI

DeepEyes Flying Circus VI  «Peewee» did her heart us today, and all is clear 😀

Good news!

She is only 2,5 years old, but its a nice «start» that she is clear a.t.m.  She is the second puppy from that litter that is clear on heart us. The result is now also officially in Norwegian kennel Clubs database 🙂



Easter Agility and show

Sinner has been to a 3 day agility event with 2*blueberry run a day and one class 1-2 jump. We disqualified in every run, but also learned a lot 😀

Today I showed Sinner and Saint. Saint went all the way and got her very first CAC and BOS 😀

Sinner I was told by the judge to send back to the breeder *lol*  (no, not april fool joke)



Litter VII in the making?

Earlier this week we went to Sweden and had two days with successful meeting between Arya and Qarat.

So know it’s the looong wait until we know if there are puppies or not.

Ultrasound can be done earlies week 12, but haven’t booked a time yet.

If she is with puppies they will be born week 17.

At the moment we are NOT taking anymore enquiries until we have an indication that she is with a high number of puppies.