3 debutants this weekend

Two from the last litter has been to there first puppy shows. 4,5 months old.

DeepEyes Kobayashi Maru VII «Pippa» and holder Tine got HP, BOB and BOG4 in there debut. There critic for judge Anne-Cathrine Unelsrød (translated from Norwegian):

4,5 months female with lovely temper. Very nice head, excellent neck and topline, nice body, Excellent angulation, moves well from every side. Nice coat. Good luck in the future!


DeepEyes Highly Illogical VII «Spock» and owner Birgitte was the other one at there first puppy show in Norway. They where at an other show then Pippa 😉

They also got HP & BOB. Did not stay for the group do to weather (its POOORING in eastern Norway today)

There critic for judge Linda Kjekserud (approved judge for the breed. Also translated from Norwegian)

4,5 month very promising male puppy. Excellent size for age. Excellent head, well placed ears, moderat length off neck, excellent topline, excellent chest and ribs for age. Excellent legs, gives a impression of energy and robust. Sometimes he moves a bit hectic today. Excellent coat and colour.


C.I.B. C.I.E NORD UCH KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLD N RLD F RLD A SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16 «Veli» and Sofie had there debut in Patrole dog competition. It did not go all the way this first time. But next time!!!


Show results Israel, Norway and Netherland

Its been a «showy» week apparently :p

In Israel:

  • Multi BIS , Multi BIG, IJCH, ICH,IGCH, INTCH DeepEyes wanderlust V «Banjo» – BOS
  • DeepEyes flying circus «PeeWee» had her debut in Israel and got Excellent, CQ and her first CAC!
  • Also Banjo and PeeWee took re.best brace in show

judged by : Sue E Bownds from Australia


In Norway:

DeepEyes Completely Different VI: Owner Gunn Eva decided it was time to show «Monty» only been showed once before as a junior. He took 2*CAC and BOB*2. Only needs his working results and one big CAC for Champion! And working results I really dont think is a problem with thees two.  😉


We on the other hand went all the way to Netherlands. 

In short:

BrightEyes Saint did not do very good 😉


  • Excellent and winner off Working class, and 3 best male at Benelux Winner.
  • Very Good and placed 2 in working class at WDS.
  • Excellent and winner working class, 2 best male with 2*CAC and best working dog at breed specials.

Talli took it all from veteran and came home with: Benelux Veteran Winner’18, World Veteran Winner’18 and Netherland Veteran Champion (not for registration in Norway).




Saints health results

It has taken me some time to write this blog, I most say that I’m a little bit disappointed because Saint is a really really good dog. But atbthe same time she has some excellent results also. Her results:

  • HD: C/C
  • ED: 0/0
  • PL: 0/0 (done by approved tester but not registrated)
  • Back, from neck too tail: no abnormalities and no signs of spondlioses (not official reading in Norway)

So her only bad result is HD. And I will check her again in 6 months. There are not signs of calcificaton. They had huge problems putting her strait so I did believe that there was some problems with her pelvis, but they came back with no remark. Next time I will go to a animal hospital who has radiographer. It might not make a difference, but with her I feel like it’s worth using the money to try again. Her temper, work ethic, social behaviour, play is everything I wanted.

Just for the record, I do not blame anyone for this. And Saint can live happily with NO restriction on work or life! As a breeder I know all to well that there is always a risk when you get a puppy.

If it does not work out, I might just have to make a plan B. (As always 😂)