November has been a quiet month, but always something to tell 😀

The Pinners have settled in there new homes and the feedback is greate. So far so good ☺️

Good news on AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAHCH+NAGCH)
Harly went to a new UL /heart check up late in October, and the results showed that his heart leak now is smaller! Yay! 🤩

Just for fun news!
We have just started a class in fitness training for dogs.
Learning new stuff is still cool! 🤩 – Harly 12 years young.

NW1 DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII NHAT «Ådi» has a «moving up» result in startingclass obedience. Congratulations ❤️

DE Muscle Hill VIII «Pelé» had become a brother to a little 2 legged wonder. ❣️ Congratulations ❣️

Sinner, Saint and «Navi» DE Delicious VIII went to the Nordic show in Sandefjord. We where hoping that Navi would get the last leg for NOCH but only excellent on her and Sinner. Saint saved the day getting her first Nordic CAC (our first Nordic show) and BOB.


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