September and October 2022

A late blog for those two months. As you probably know we had puppies and some other projects also. Always something 🤪

Starting out with «Puk» BH ÖJCH ATCH Deepeyes PaganPoetry  JS-E-SP

«we‘ve been to heart scan to his yearly checkup. Heart output is still normal but his left atrium gets bigger. He now gets a higher dosage of his medication. He still doesn’t have any problems yet and is just a happy one, always ready and eager for anything we get in mind.»

And some Agility results: On his first bigger event for a long time he managed to qualify for the finals.
And on Vienna Championship he got third with his team and in individual 4th place due to my mistakes 😄

And we will start in intermediate 2023 (he has been measured 47,5cm)

«Ådi» NW1 DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII NHAT had 3 qualifying results in RallyO and title RLD N. He also did a nice exterior description for Korad and got measured to 46 cm.

DE Viesker VIII, also known as Ihme is now allowed to compete in highest class in agility 🤩

Ihme got his first clean run in highest class agility 🥳 And uncle Tuuri (DE Possibly Maybe V) is doing great too, being a bit nasty on agility courses but now we are just enjoying to be able to compete 🥰


DeepEyes Wanderlust V «Banjo» has had a litter off puppies in Israel. Same combination as my VIII litter.

«Exid» DE Rocket Man IX has started RallyO twice and now have the title RLD N. He also started in starter class tracking and is now moved up to lower level tracking (C class in Norway).

«Pele» DE Muscle Hill VIII earned LP1B (he passed novice obedience class x 5 and therefore achieved a bronze title) and earned SISSCS (Sirius September Sniffs Challenge Silver) an online Nose Work challenge through DKK ⭐️ and the tricks titles from august is TKN (US), TKI (US) and TKA (US)
Tricks novice, intermediate and advanced 👏

«Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI has had a litter off puppies and will come back stronger next year for competition.

«Navi» DE Delicious VIII has tried on sheep’s again and is showing signs off eye.

I have had some questions about next planned litter. And it will be at the earliest spring 2024. 🙃 I was wondering about mating Saint but at this point I have not found a male that I think will way up her C hips like the last mating. I will let you know if it changes, but 99% not before 2024.


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