First: 28.08.2022 the 10th DeepEyes litter was born. ❤️ 7 puppies in total: 4 males (1 brown 3 red&tan) and 3 females (1 brown and 2 red&tan). Pippa is doing a greate job with them.

«Cava» DE The One IX has done her MH with a greate result. And did her debut in Starterclass obedience with 193 points 🥳 Also debut in class 1 obedience with 250 points and 2.price. But not stopping there she also did her NHAT with Excellent as result.

«Ådi» DE Resistance is Futile VII where shown at the Swedish breed special and got CQ and 1. In open class. He also got an other approved scent for NoseWork. 🥳

«Meera» DE Winds of Winter III is enjoying her retirement.

«Siwert» started the bronze mark obedience and got approved (6,5 points from maximum score) 👌 They also made there debut in class 3 RallyO, but got a disqualified. Next time!!

«Navi» DE Delicious VIII started Kårningsprøve (working test tracking and obedience) and got approved 🙏

«Pelé DE Muscle Hill VIII got 3 new tricks titles: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

«Harly» DE Small Chance of Success II is also enjoying his retirement.

«Dory» DE The Bitch Is Back IX has been health checked and got back clear, A hips and 0/0 elbows.

«Izaac» DE Live Long and Prosper VII has done is MT with nice results 🥳

«Exid» DE Rocket Man IX has made his debut in RallyO class 1 with 99 off 100 points, 2 place.


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