May and June

Cava (Deepeyes The One IX) HD A/A ED 0/0 Rygg Ua🥳
47cm, fulltandad & korrekt bett.

Deepeyes Delicious VIII «Navi» har collected BOB, BOS, CACIB and CAC. Now she only need one more CAC after she turns 2 years and the working results to become Norwegian show champion

Pelé took Cert + Cacib +BIR and qualified for Crufts 2023 this weekend and got 2 x Excellent with CK and res. CERT and Cacib i April 🌟
In novice obedience he got one more first prize.
NW2 he blamed his handler for not getting the first 100 points as I fucked up his container search, and he nailed all others searches with praises from the judges. We have one more NW2 this weekend so hopefully I’m a better handler, and has better news to write about in that context 😅
We also went sheep herding which he killed with confidence and a great working job!NW2 trial we won the interior search ⭐️ But still no 100 points 🫣

DE Rocket Man IX ”Exid”
Är röntgad med ED ua (0/0) HD A/A, patella ua (0/0), rygg UA. Och har känd mental status med 1:a på skott 😁 Exid har også debutert I lydighet med ett 1.pris. Bilder fra

hme got his first clean run in Agility

DE Viesker VIII «Ihme» has had his first clean run in agility. As far as my Finish goes, i think he has had more clean runs and can start class 2 🙈 He has also been to a show and got Good.

«Siwert» DE Madman Across The Water IX har two 1 prices in class 2 RallyO. He also have an approved MH.

«Ådi» DE Resistance is Futile VII has competed in Nose Work and have 3 diplomas in TSM1

«Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI has moved up to Elite searching in the working program.

«Izaac» TJH RH DE Live Long and Prosper VII is now fully approved SAR Dog in Sweden

«Ina» DE Ina Scot VIII has been too two shows, both days Excellent. Old photo 😉

«Vesper» Blackriver Kennel Vanilla Sky has been with us for almost 2 months. She has been shown twice and got BOB x1 and 2x CAC. She is now out trying a new home. Hope it’s a good match 🤞 A very nice female in many ways, but not for breeding as she gets huge problems with her heat (itching, temperament problems and extremely fals pregnancy that last for 2 months)

«Ayla» DE High Flying Bird IX also have health results: HD A, ED 0/0 back no remarks. And approved MH.

«Dory» DE The Bitch Is Back approved MH. Health checkes will come in August.

We have also been making puppies and will hopefully se if there are puppies there at the end off July when we can do US🤞

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