April 2022

Ina, Pele, Ihme and Navi from litter VIII did there MH at Säffle. All did good and the results are on SKK.

DE Dull Flame Of Desire V «Nils» did triple clear run and got the results for qualification for Finnish Championships next summer!

LP1 DE Muscle Hill VIII «Pelé» got his LP1 title (and a third place in the total score) last weekend during his first obedience competition.
He also went to a couple of NW2 competitions and tried sheep herding.

DE Delicious VIII got her first CAC and BOB and the first day at the Easter show. Beating her mum Saint. In best female. Ina got VG and DE Madman Across The Water IX «Siwert» where also shown to VG.


Siwert also made his debut in RallyO. 195/200 points. And total number 6. Directly moved up to class 2 with first price.

DE Ina Scot VIII got the longest straw the second day at the Easter show and got her first CAC and BOB, also beating her mum. Navi got Excellent.


The coming month Maxa from litter VIII will do her MH. And also some from litter IX.


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