February and March 2022

The blog got a bit late having had normal sick kid and whe WHOLE family got corona. But now I hope we are done with that part 😉

Johanna and DeepEyes Live Long & Prosper VII ”Izaac” approved SAR dog!

Unnu and DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V «Nils» has been competing agility every now and then (to be honest way too seldom!), but luckily we did qualify to the Finnish Agility Indoor Championships via ranking. We had super weekend there, Nils got silver 🥈 from small large individuals and gold 🥇 from the team relay!

Tira and Navi DeepEyes Delicious VIII got approved there bronze mark in Obedience.

Then we have some sad news «Strider» Deepeyes Through Shadow II where put to rest couple off days ago.

Other rhen that, hers some pictures and short stories:

DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI «Ennen» has been on a holiday on a farm with kids. No problem she sad!
DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II Harly still enjoys life. He has been to control off his heart again, have some development and put on mediation. But still jo physical problems.
«Cava» Deepeyes The One IX

«Exid» Deepeyes Rocket Man IX
«Dory» Deepeyes The Bitch Is Back IX
«Ira» Deepeyes My Elusive Drug IX
«Ayla» Deepeyes High Flying Bird IX
«Siwert» Madman Across The Water IX

Pictures proudly stolen from the owners 🙈😉

The coming weekend there is MH for 4 off the Harness Racers litter VIII. Hope I’m a bit quicker with that blog 😅

And hope not anyone feels forgotten in the blog 🙌

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