December 2021 – January 2022 news

«Ådi» DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII NHAT and Therese is approved NW scent eucalyptus.

Pelé «DeepEyes Muscle Hill VIII» got his NW1 title in DK and passed all three Nose Work Odor recognition tests in Sweden and is therefore all clear to compete in all classes in Sweden 🇸🇪

We also debuted in NW2 in Denmark yesterday – sadly not with our first passed BUT 5th best dog overall in the competition (39 dogs competed) 🐕

Veli «C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16» keeps picking CAC in RallyO! Amazing 👏

And following with some picture spam 😀 All pictures are taken by the owners.

DeepEyes Violently Happy, Skessa, 7 years old.
Deepeyes High Flying Bird IX, 8 måneder, «Ayla»
Deepeyes Completely Different VI, 6 år, «Monty» 🥰
Deepeyes The One IX, 8 months
Spock, Deepeyes Highly Illogical VII
Ihme, DE Viesker VIII
Ennen, DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI, 6 år
Tuuri, DE Possibly Maybe V
Sivert, Deepeyes Madman Across The Water IX
Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III «Veli» soon 10 years.
Deepeyes Muscle Hill VIII aka Pelé
DeepEyes Rocket Man IX aka Exid
DE Song of Ice and Fire III, Arya
Navi, Deepeyes Delicious VIII 🖤
Deepeyes Live Long & Prosper VII, Isaac
DeepEyes Small Chance O Success II «Harly»
And ending it with a 2 year old picture off Pippa and Sinner. This mating has been planned for a long while. If anyone is sitting on the fence please contact me soon as I’m soon to close the «books» on this litter until they are born and se how many puppies are coming. I’m just taking one more booking for female and a couple more on male 🙃

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