October 2021

We are kicking off with some super results from the «Harness Racers» that become 1 year old the 12 off October. 4 off 7 has already done there health test for there age.

Deepeyes Queen L VIII HD-B, AD 0/0, OCD no signs, Back LTV0 VA0

NJV21 Deepeyes Delicious VIII HD-B, AD 0/0, Back: no findings.

Deepeyes Viesker VIII HD-A, AD 0/0, OCD no signs, Back LTV0 VA0, PL 0/0

Deepeyes Ina Scot VIII HD-A, AD 0/0, Back: no findings.

DE Delicious VIII

Some has even started there first competition. DeepEyes Muscle Hill VIII «Pele» and owner Tina, in 🇩🇰 har compeeted in there first NoseWork class 1 trial and got places as number 1 in carsearch, container search and indoor search and by that they won the total!

DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V  «Nils» went competing again after a two months break. And he did well winning one course with clear run. We’ve been concentrating in getting in better shape after summer and at least the direction has been right. Lots of running free in forests and canicrossing in paths. Trying to get to competitions more often now.

DeepEyes Winds Of Winter III «Meera» is retired, but her new plan is to keep getting herself in trouble to keep her owners busy. Like eating 🐝

«Veli» DeepEyes Dance With Dragons  III has taken her 20th CAC in RallyO 🤗

DeepEyes Live Long & Prosper Vll «Izaac» has some results in NoseWork. He has 3 diplomas in TSM class 1, and 3 diplomas in TEM class 1. Then are now working hard against there second part off SAR approval.

«Vesper» Black River Kennet Vanilla Sky has done her MH! Finally, no corona stopped it!

Banjo in Israel has a litter off puppies.
Family meeting, litter VI, VII and IX
Siwert from litter IX at work. Sometimes it’s nice to be smaller and fit everywhere.

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