Litter II and litter V had there birthday the 2nd off August. 11 and 7 years old.

«Harly» AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance of Success II, hiking to Lyderhorn on his 11th birthday 💜
«Strider» NJV11 DeepEyes Through Shadow II

At Norwegian Winner 21/International Show several DeepEyes where shown.

  • «Spock» Deepeyes Highly Illogical VII – VG.      
  • «Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax – Excellent
  • «Navi» DeepEyes Delicious VIII – Excellent and saved the family honour by becoming NORWEGIAN JUNIOR WINNER 2021 🥳
  • «Vesper» Black River Kennel Vanilla Sky- Excellent
  • «Ina» Deepeyes Ina Scot VIII VG
  • «Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee – Excellent, CQ and female.  

Mummy Pippa and Dory is enjoying there normal life after moving

«Rin» Deepeyes Almost The Truth VI har become an approved wonded game search dog 🥳

«Siwert» Deepeyes Madman Across The Water IX has literally grown some balls, and now have 2 testicles 🤣 And Siwerts report is: «We’re taking puppy class atm. I think dad needs it more than me cause he’s fu**ing retared. I’m just sayin` 🤷😎 – Siwert

«Veli» ~too many titles to write~ DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III made her debut in veteran class at the Swedish breedspecial with excellent and CQ

«Tuuri» ~also to many titles~ DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V, became Finnish jumping champion 🥳 He was supposed to compete in agility Finnish championships last weekend in both individual and team competition, but he broke his claw a week before and couldn’t participate 😖

Nils FIAGCH FIJW’15 Deepeyes Dull Flame Of Desire V, won the Team gold in the Finnish Championships 🥇

Puk «BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V has been to heart check – and good news: everything is unchanged and he keep going as usual.

Report from Pele DeepEyes Muscle Hill VIII:

We participated in first round of “vandsøg”. Pele will participate in October as well. They need to be able to search while on a boat for scents in the water.
He also participated in an unofficial Nose work class 2 competition- much was learned (primarily on my part), but he searched like a champ and placed 2nd in container search.
And we have begun paddle boarding together 🤩

«Linus» Deepeyes Game Of Thrones III is still a happy and go lucky dog playing around with his sister.

Now it’s official ! ILCH,ILGCH,BH DeepEyes flying circus VI (Peewee) is an International Champion 🤩🤎

«Ina» Deepeyes Ina Scot VIII

Junior show for Ina today. Much better this time, settles down and shows well.
BOB junior ❣ unfortunately they changed the schedule and we did not stay for the group.
But very pleased with her and going home with a good feeling 😊

Excellent type and as a whole. Feminine head. A bit round and light eyes. Nice ears. Excellent neck and top line. Very good angulation front and rear. Chest in development. Excellent movements from the side, a bit unstable in front. Excellent coat and colour. Excellent temperament. Well shown.


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