Vesper and MH

And there we got the last health result on «Vesper» Black River Kennel Vanilla Sky. There has been a issue about one off her elbow pictures went missing. But luckily the clinic still had both pictures.

ED: 0/0 🥳

So then we have all health results clear for breeding a.t.m. Now we are trying to get her entered for a MH this fall. Hopefully she will get a place. She is entered on several, but already been told that they are on a waiting list on some. But 🤞.

Plans for breeding has started. I have a couple off males on my mind, but Vespers breeder has the final choice from my list as the litter will be I cooperations with her 😀

Litter VIII will probably not get there MH before spring as a whole litter. Some puppies might do it before, but it’s very difficult to get one arranged for the whole litter 😔 But have a positive answer for spring 2022 if corona settles down 🤞 I do like to have them go the Mh at 12-15 months, but sometimes you just can’t control the circumstances.

I will, come new year, already start working on the litter IX.

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