July activities

«Navi» DeepEyes Delicious VIII har been everywhere with her owner 😉 Training and learning herding and people searching.

«Cava» DeepEyes The One IX  around 12 weeks on this picture. Lives in Sweden with owner Erika/Kennel Keleras.


«Siwert» DeepEyes Madman Across The Water IX, living with Øyvind

Here (Israel) either a lockdown or summer 36° , 75 % humidity .. and in September talking about lockdown again so no luck for us at the last two years .. at least Peewee got her BH done not long ago .. but that’s it ..
Morris (Morris is Peewees son on the picture)is losing it and drives everyone insane due to lack of outdoors activities 😅

Peewee is now know as BH ILCH GrandCh DeepEyes Flying Circus VI.

«Puk» BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP is doing good. We Train some Obedience and Agility, enjoying summer and have been on one or two competitions (without success but very happy that it is possible again 😄). And he tries to educate Tavi the adolescent Terrier.

Meera, SAR-Dog DeepEyes Winds Of Winter III, is now retired from SAR. Her body can’t take the hard training anymore. But she is living the days at the farm, enjoying life.

Few clear runs in agility for Tuuri (FICH FIAGCH FILCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V), and end of August we will participate in agility Finnish championships in individual and in team competition. Last few weeks we have been hiking in Lapland ⛰️

From left: DE Possibly Maybe V, DeepEyes Viesker VII, Dutch Dynamite Devote Dean (brother off Saint)
DeepEyes Rocket Man IX «Exid» with his bigbrother «Sigge». Living in Sweden.
DeepEyes Muscle Hill VIII «Pele» living in Danmark.
NUCH DeepEyes Violently Happy V «Skessa»
DeepEyes High Flying Bird IX «Ayla». Living wirh Gunn Eva and «Monty» NUCH DeepEyes Completely Different VI.

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