Planned mating?

After some enquiries I have decided to publish my next planned mating. If interested I’m open for enquiries about this litter but please keep in mind that there are some factors that decide when this will be. At the earliest fall 2022, but probably not before spring/summer 2023.

This will be a 0% inbreeding and I will be looking for a part owner for a female in this litter.

Factors that decide if and when this will happen is:

  • The health and MH results off Pippas first litter.
  • New heart scann off Pippa, and Sinner done his first and both clear for breeding.
  • Time off year the results are inn and Pippas heat (I’m not having a winter litter)
  • What time suits Pippas holder best to send her to me considering competition and other plans.

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