A June update

DE Possibly Maybe V:

Tuuri will participate in obe Finnish championships next weekend. He was second in our district area’s obe championships in individuals and won gold in team. In agility he got bronze in team competition in district area championships, no succes in individuals this time 😁 He has done some clean runs in agility, and he is allowed to compete in agility Finnish championships in August.

Tuuri on the right, and his brother from his brother DE Viesker VIII

DE Highly Illogical VII:

Camping otherwise nothing but melt away… we are going on obedience camp on Monday though. Will be nice to see if he is more than a pretty face 😂

DE Delicious VIII

Does getting her 7th injury count? 🙃🤪 This time Navi has pulled her hamstring getting caught up in her tracking leash…

Otherwise, her tracking training is progressing nicely, and we’re going on a searching (rundering) class in Finnskogen in a few weeks if her injury heals 🤞🤞

DE Small Chance of Success II

Hiking, rehab, stealing food, the ususal 🙈😂

Black River Kennel Vanilla Sky

HD B, Back clear and awaiting the ED results still

Litter IX will start to move to there new home this coming week.

one missing, doing other stuff

DE Ina Scot VIII

went to her first and only puppy show and got BOB.

🤞 for less Corona and more activities in the coming months 🤞

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