There is still something we need to talk about..

Social problems against people and dogs. Dogs that have really bad nervs against people and dogs outside off the family. Some just show that they are uncomfortable others are so bad that they need to be put down since they pose a danger.

I have myself breed dogs that has posted a danger againt people and where put down. The dogs didn’t have a good life and there owners where constantly on alert and did not have a good life wirh there dogs. And I remember when I posted it that I where contacted by other breeders telling me that it was probably a «owner problem». No it was not… it was a dog problem.

Still, later I was contacted by other owners that could tell that they had or had earlier had a kelpie with same problem. But still not many breeders talk about it. Its the same answer if you ask «owner problem, they could not handle a kelpie». Let sit down and talk: a dog don’t get aggressive and afried off the world because the owner can’t give them good enough obedience or handle the activity level. They can get out off controll, jump ++ but they don’t get aggressive and run away from the world do to a owner that can’t «handle them». And its not «integrity» that they bite or growl when handled..

Breeders need to get a reality check and sit down and have a good long talk with them self! There are too many kelpies like that and even if they do handle the competition environment remeber before breeding that very few dogs JUST live on the competition arena. Its 99% around the daily enviroment!

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  1. And those are extremely wise words. Of course a owner can mess up a dog, but the robust dogs can handle that (they may become spoilt disobediant brats, but not more than that). Inherent fear or inherent fear that leads to aggression («the fear biter») is a genetic factor. I see both here and there people talking about their kelpies as fearful and difficult and even aggressive but still marvellous competition dogs- but competitions are no excuse for weak mentality. I so agree that the kelpie shouldn’t be like that. You have always said they should be as mentally robust and brave as they are physically. I wish that all breeders were like you.

  2. Very true. The breeder is not the one suffering in this case maybe that makes many (but not all) look the other way and blame something else (ower, incindent etc.) than the breeding. The owner is the one who has to live with that dog every day in fear of it biting someone. The dog has to live with a fears so great that is thinks it need to bite in defense. Still you love your dog and the dog still have many joys in life.

    I had to put down my kelpie who was so afraid of vets that he could not be treated for a snakebite due to the difficult of handling him in a small clinic. Even if he had recovered his mental health would be even worse then before så he was put to sleep for something most dogs survive due to his mental health. social insecurity.

    Many kelpieowners do unfortunetly not understand that thier dogs have social insecurity since most does not bite och looks «happy/oversocial» when the meet people. These dogs are beeing bred from.

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