Some results from 2019

Happy new year to all off you!

A short summery of 2019.

The Star Trek litter: all off them has approved MH and HD A or B, and other good health results. Congratulations to you all! Some has also have other results:

  • «Ådi» DE Resistance Is Futile VII: Very good at show.
  • «Spock» DE Highly Illogical VII: CAC from International show
  • «Pippa» DE Kobayashi Maru VII: RallyO-1, moved directly to class 2.
  • «Izzac» DE Live Long & Prosper Vll: Nose work – approved eucalyptus, Wildgame tracking – approved, Approved for SAR training/lämplighetstest.


  • «Veli» DE Dance With Dragons III: RallyO champion and in total 10 RallyO CAC! 2nd and R-NORDC CAC at show.
  • «Arya» DE Song Of Ice and Fire III: CACIB and BOB international show.
  • «Nils» DE Dull Flame Of Desire V: became Finnish jumping champion, he was 4th in Finnish Agility Indoor Championships (Large) and 5th in Finnish Championships (Small large). He also won Helsinki region Championship (Small large). And agility club’s champion in small large.
  • «Tuuri» DE Possibly Maybe V:  became Finnish agility champion and got 2 jumping certificates. Tuuri became our agillity club’s champion in small large class. From rally-o he got title RTK3 and is allowed to compete in highest class. In obe he got his second first prize in highest class, one more needed for obe ch.
  • «Puk» DE Pagan Poetry V: biggest accomplishment this year has been to qualify for awc tryouts and he had some nice runs there. We didn‘t compete at championships 2019 but he has been on Podium quite a few times on local competitions big or small.
  • «Peewee» DE Flying Circus VI: Israel Grand Champion
  • «Minnie» DE Meaning Of Life VI: had a litter off puppies


Off the DeepEyes I think its wort mentioning the Litter 1 sisters. DeepEyes Talia Al Ghul I «Talli» and DeepEyes Poison Ivy I «Ivy» still going strong and hopefully se there 13 year birthday in 2020.

Then we have the other Dutch in the household 😉

  • «Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax: Best agility run 15 faults and Norwegian and Danish show champion.
  • «Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee: Approved KORAD mental part. Last CAC in Norway and CACIB (needs working results for Norwegian Show champion). Started agility.

And both them and Talli being super dogs with a two legged in the house growing up. Official working results might be missing at this point, but they still have many many years to come ❤

I think I might have forgotten some DE results,  but hope not!!


Happy new year from all off us to all off you.

Love from Jeanette, Kenneth, Ailo, Talli, Sinner and Saint.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.

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