News November

«Tuuri» FICH FIAGCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1 DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V and Marika has taken there second CAC in jump.

«Puk»BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP has been on podium quite a few times in autumn at local Agility competitions. And he got another Qualifying Score for his ASCA ATCH (Agility Trial Champion).

«Peewee» ILCH GrandCh DeepEyes Flying Circus VI got her 3rd CACIB and wone the breed at our last

«Veli» C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’16, has taken 6 (!!) CAC in Rally Obedience Elite.

«Troll» DeepEyes Trolling The Universe V I I has had a change off home do to personal reasons and is back in Norway. Super dog with really good bases for continue working. New owner is very happy and also old owner. A super rehoming.

«Izaac» DeepEyes Live Long & Prosper Vll is approved to start training SAR. Did a really good test.

«Bailey» DeepEyes Lust For Glory VI in the US dont really have any official results but her mum sends a report: «Bailey is a professional spider hunter and eater! Just got her masters degree and she kicks ass! Mom is very proud, so she doesn’t have to wake up with spider bits and rotten flesh on her body in the morning. She got bitten herself once poor thing. Took her 5 pills a day for 10 days to get well again. She was screaming in pain so we had to go to pet ER on a Sunday. So it is a tough profession she has choosen. Thank you for your service Bailey!»

And I get reports off happy lifes working and doing there business in there daily life. Happy dogs and happy owners. Some random pictures.

Congratulations all owners, small or big results or just taking good care off the dogs. ❤

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