Heart, new US.

«Logi» DeepEyes I’ve Seen It All V has had his heart US. And he became a «case» for the Norwegian cardiologist to discuss.

First they did think heart problems. His heart is in a «grey zone» in size, and shows miner leaks.

And conclusion is that his heart is normal for a kelpie. Kelpies have, by there collected results, a larger heart that also makes small leaks because the heart is larger. So the conclusion is if his heart is fine in 6 months: he is clear. For know his status is DCM equivocal («inconclusive».)

Sounds very much the same conclusion that Tuuri got in Finland after 2 US and Banjo got in Israel after 2 US. Both checked by cardiologist.

Puk had grown in size between his US, so he is on medication and we are awaiting next result.

Do we understand Kelpie and heart so far? No, but the more info and more results we get, the closer we get to a conclusion (hopefully).

This is the official form for Logi, its also in the Norwegian Kennel Clubs database «dogweb»

Logi hjerte


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