Almost fall, and her are some summer updates!

«Nils» and Unnu came 5th in the Finnish Championship! And they have become Finnish Jump champion!

FIAGCH FIJCH FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V69491241_10157594519682328_4314401451783749632_n

«Tuuri» and Marika qualified for both team and individual at the Finnish Championship.

FICH FIAGCH HeJW15 TK1 RTK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V


«Saint» and me has been to international show, and she gained her last CAC for an Australian Judge, she also got CACIB and BOB. She needs the working results to gain her official champion title!




Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee


«Spock» and Birgitte where at the same show and gained there first CAC, 2 best male and res.CACIB that will become a CACIB.

DeepEyes Highly Illogical VII


«Veli» and Sofie gained an other CAC in RallyO.

C.I.B. C.I.E NORDCH SERallyCh KORAD LPII NORD V-15 RLDN RLDF RLDA RLDM SPH II Deepeyes Dance With Dragons III DKRV’1669113343_10157734123329155_26597993729753088_o

«Harly» and Monica gained there last agility CAC, but no title since he is cryptozid. He also has had his eye scanned with no changes (9 years).

AGHIII AGIII DeepEyes Small Chance Of Success II (NAJCH NACH)40468544_10155548429491426_7753822240356958208_o

Then some sad news. «Puk» and owner where to have the heart scan again. He has no clinical signs during working in the summer heat ++ but his scan this time shows changes and is «more» enlarged so probably not «just» sporting heart. They will check again in 6 months. He is on medication as a precaution in case of DCM. But a.t.m he is function as normal.

BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP67507332_10157474292638024_7804205818806534144_n

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