MT Saint


Saint did her MT yesterday, a bit disappointed I most honestly say. But she got approved 🙂  Protokoll is published and videos underneath.

So why am I disappointed? The first play part I understand. She has almost never played with any other then me, and not with such a big stick that we got. So I’m pleased with that part.

The mental part I feel like she had «a bad day». At the same time as she is a «simple girl from the country» :p And her job at the moment is «do as you are told and nothing more» *lol* Thats how my life is at the moment with the horses and the dogs running loose. They can’t go wandering around and I cant keep my eye on them, there job is to follow me around and keep up with me. Not go wandering after things they want to check out and more. So I think she got a bit like that under the test. And that’s also why I wanted to test her so young before she gets under TO much control. But thats just my thoughts and you can se by your self in the video. But a bit of a bad day I did feel like she had.

But excuses excuses 😉 Makes no differens. She is approved and I’m happy with that when it comes to it all. But we always want our dogs to show there best day on tests 😉

No title yet as she haven’t done the exterior description.

Saints sister Dena also got approved MT and the title KORAD 🙂

The protokoll (in Swedish)

(My phone called a couple off times, thats why some parts are missing)

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