Results from Austria



BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E-OP «Puk» and Carina took part in the new years jump in Austria (and one off the judges was my instructor Jan Egil Eide :p ) and they did great:

  • 2nd place in Large Open (about 70 teams did compete), with two clean runs.
  • Agility run with 3rd place.
  • Jumping Jan Egil 4th place.

And at the end: Puk & Carina won the Club champion 2018!!

And the next they did ASCA Agility Trial. Out of 6 runs he has qualified in 5, often in Top 4 and on top he has won the „High in Trial Other Breed“. If I‘m right he has finished his GS-E-OP Titel (Gamblers Elite Outstanding Performance)


Sinner and Saint where at the new year agility in Norway last weekend. They did not do as good at there kennel-mate. 😉 But Saint did her debut in jump 1 *2 with no slalom. And Sinner is getting better and better and did his official debut in agility 1 + his 2 jump runs. I’m happy with the dogs, and Sinner keeps getting better and better even if I’m at the moment not running with him and he has Maria (the dogs love her) running with them.

Now they are having a break until I’m moving as normal again. Hopefully we are back in business in march 🙂






And a Happy New year to all out puppy boyuers! Helpers, friends and followers!

And we might have a litter during 2019…. still working on some issues so for know you have to hang on until I have all the information I need. And 100% sure that the deal is done 😉


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