This weekends results

KORAD LD Startklass DeepEyes Meaning Of Life VI «Minnie» and Anette started in lower (C) class searching and got 10-10 on there search result!! In total they got 562 points. 1 place and is now moved up to higher (B) class searching!



The little brother: DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII «Ådi» and Therese where at an other puppy show. They got BOB & HP! They also got shortlisted in the group (13 breeds) but did not make the final cut.



5 months (They are now 6,5 month) 


GEJW’17 AD Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax «Sinner» started jump 1 yesterday with new handler he has just trained with twice. I’m kind of pregnant and getting a little one in 3 months so slowing down on the running for a bit 😉  Sinner did so good with his handler, no clean run do to misunderstanding of signals, but they will try again! 😀


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