So much has happened! And some pictures.

I’m so behind on the updates so her comes a (too) short list off what puppy owners has achieved lately. So proud off all off you ❤

  • New champion!! «Nils» and Unnu has become Finish Agility champions!!!!! (Or Nils have with Unnu’s help 😉 ) FIACH FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V They also did the LTE test in Finland with 99 points and approved.
  • en 1 price in class 1 obedience! Congratulations to Anette and «Minnie» KORAD DeepEyes Meaning Of Life VI.
  • BOB with HP puppy show: DeepEyes Highly Illogical VII «Spock» and Birgitte.
  • BOB and HP puppy show: DeepEyes Resistance Is Futile VII «Ådi» and Therese.
  • Excellent in OBI1 and moved directly up to OBI2 in Austria (The classes would be OBI2 and moved up to OBI3 in Norway/Sweden). «Puk» BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V RS-E, JS-E-SP, GS-E and Carina.
  • «Banjo» and Ilana 2nd place at «Short Style» – beginners class  Frisbee.INTCH ILCH ILJCH GrandCH BH GW’17 DeepEyes Wanderlust V
  • «Peewee» And Ilana DeepEyes Flying Circus VI made there debut in Frisbee. No results on the paper, but they had fun.
  • Sinner and Me, GEJW’17 AD Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax has had his (our) debut in jump 1 with two disqualified. But we also had fun.
  • Monty and Gunn Eva has approved FA in Norway (its similar to Swedish Korad og Finish LTE and is approved og not approved.) DeepEyes Completely Different VI he also got approved other tests on his way to becoming a SAR dog in Norway (object search and dark search for people)

I think I’m up to date then! But some nice achievement might have slipped away form me 😮 I’m sorry if so!










And a picture of «Ralph» DeepEyes next Generation VII, 5 months and helping with this years mushroom picking.







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