Show results Israel, Norway and Netherland

Its been a «showy» week apparently :p

In Israel:

  • Multi BIS , Multi BIG, IJCH, ICH,IGCH, INTCH DeepEyes wanderlust V «Banjo» – BOS
  • DeepEyes flying circus «PeeWee» had her debut in Israel and got Excellent, CQ and her first CAC!
  • Also Banjo and PeeWee took brace in show

judged by : Sue E Bownds from Australia


In Norway:

DeepEyes Completely Different VI: Owner Gunn Eva decided it was time to show «Monty» only been showed once before as a junior. He took 2*CAC and BOB*2. Only needs his working results and one big CAC for Champion! And working results I really dont think is a problem with thees two.  😉


We on the other hand went all the way to Netherlands. 

In short:

BrightEyes Saint did not do very good 😉


  • Excellent and winner off Working class, and 3 best male at Benelux Winner.
  • Very Good and placed 2 in working class at WDS.
  • Excellent and winner working class, 2 best male with 2*CAC and best working dog at breed specials.

Talli took it all from veteran and came home with: Benelux Veteran Winner’18, World Veteran Winner’18 and Netherland Veteran Champion (not for registration in Norway).




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