Saints health results

It has taken me some time to write this blog, I most say that I’m a little bit disappointed because Saint is a really really good dog. But atbthe same time she has some excellent results also. Her results:

  • HD: C/C
  • ED: 0/0
  • PL: 0/0 (done by approved tester but not registrated)
  • Back, from neck too tail: no abnormalities and no signs of spondlioses (not official reading in Norway)

So her only bad result is HD. And I will check her again in 6 months. There are not signs of calcificaton. They had huge problems putting her strait so I did believe that there was some problems with her pelvis, but they came back with no remark. Next time I will go to a animal hospital who has radiographer. It might not make a difference, but with her I feel like it’s worth using the money to try again. Her temper, work ethic, social behaviour, play is everything I wanted.

Just for the record, I do not blame anyone for this. And Saint can live happily with NO restriction on work or life! As a breeder I know all to well that there is always a risk when you get a puppy.

If it does not work out, I might just have to make a plan B. (As always 😂)

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