MH Sinner & Saint. *updated*

Yesterday we went to Lomma in Sweden to do the MH with Sinner and Saint.

Saint almost 13 months old and Sinner almost 23 months old. Saint was doing it with two of her litter siblings.

Sinner is doing it again as he got hurt during the «jumping suite» last time, and never got to finish being scared of that part as I pulled him out of the test. So I was really wondering how he would react this time as he never got to stop reacting last time.

I did not film him as I was afraid that I did not have enough storage on my phone to do both of them. So I did priorities Saint there. I got a couple off clips from Åsa, but not the full MH. His protocol you can se here.

My comment to his MH:

Stupid dog! You can play, he just decided that TODAY is not the day to play…. Idiot :p

He is a dog that misses some «tools» for self solving when he gets scared. His only tool is his social security. But he lacks curiosity, has 0 stress and has 0 aggresjon. That makes it difficult when he can solve things by being social. With the jump suit he clearly tried finding a face. Every time he got close, he looked up and tried find a face to take contact with. And he dident find any and backed away again. It was not logical for him that the jump suit was decapitated *lol* He does the same with horses, dogs and sheep as with people, he searched for faces and analyse the face for the situation. So he with his «baggage» from the last time on the jump suit the reaction was not a surprise.

The sound went well. Not a big reaction, he has analysed at a distance – low curiosity – and comes when called.

Ghosts, the are normal. No need to react. See those everyday *lol* And again, low curiosity and comes when called.

Stupid dog again, that does not play. And has reaction to gun shoots. It was not a surprise. But I decided to go true with it. He has no huge reaction, if we do tracking, biking or anything very fun he has no reaction. But since he had very low play drive to day, he shows more reaction then normal. (that is also normal at a test since they have been pushed mentally). Normally he has no reaction in any environment. But those single gunshots I know he might react a bit with getting «worried» if he is not doing anything. But as you can se: not a huge reaction, more discomfort. He eats treats and does as he is told if I start to train him and giving him assessments.

First play (or no play :p ) :

First reaction to the jump suite

The last walk on the jump suit

Sinner sound

Sinner ghosts

Last play with shoots


So Saint. 13 months old, haven’t had her heat yet :p So a young dog in both age, mind and body :p  But she did great. You can she her protocol her, and I have her MH in full movie.

My comments, she shows very much how she is. Huge play and hunting drive, medium curiosity, very socially stable and 0 aggression. I think her curiosity will develop with age. Her two other siblings at the MH also did very good for there age.

With that said, regarding both dogs: In my daily life they are NOT allowed to run after people or too people we meet on our way. That is corrected by me. Thats because I do not want my dogs to run too people while I’m sitting on a horse, run to other dogs OR just make a «break» to check something out. They learn early on to stay by me and wait until I  come with them or give them a very clear «free» command. And of course that makes them a bit «bad» on the MH where its reworded to «pull out» and do stuff.

Saint was scared for the first time ever, that I have seen: the ghosts and used some time there. But she collected her self, solved it and was finished when it was checked out 🙂

And her are her MH in full 🙂

There has been some other nice DeepEyes results this weekend, but I hope I remember to blog about that later 😉

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