Second CAC for Sinner & Saint

Sinner & Saint did great today. (Even if I some days call them «pest & plage» 😂)
«Sinner» GEJW’17 Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax first winning intermediate whit CC. In competition against an older male he got best male and his second CAC.
«Saint» Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee won junior whit CC, and then also best female whit her second CAC.
Finn Helge stepped up and helped us in Best of Breed and showed Sinner to BOB and Saint got BOS & BOBJunior. A great day! Dident stay for the groups because of the puppies.
Then they only need NCK CAC and too become 2 years old, and Saint needs her working results/WCC.
Judge Helge Werner Hagen NO had this to say:
Sinner: lovely good head and expression. Good proportions in head, good neck line. Stable topline. Good body proportions. Very good bones, excellent angulations in behind. Parallel and free moving. Good coat and colour. Prime temperament.

Saint: Feminin good head and proportions. A bit light eyes. Good neck, stable topline, good chest, good body, stable topline of good croup. Good movement and excellent drive behind. Good coat and colour. Prime temperament.

He also sad he loved them both. They both showed excellent how a female and male should differ even if they are of simmeler sizes and body condition there was no question who was male or female.
Sinner won today because he showed better. Saint was being Saint 😉



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