Tuuri heart check

DeepEyes Possible Maybe V «Tuuri» has checked his heart by US.

In short the result is:

A tiny-tiny in both mitral and tricuspid valves there is a insignificant leak towards vestibule and heart on the limit for sporting heart. No signs of bi-sounds with stereoscope.

The paper in Finnish, and a try of translating veterinary language in Finnish over to English *puh*


Tuuri came to the vet because he has been a bit uncalm at night time, no other symptoms.. Some of his siblings have been diagnosed with some changes in heart.

In ascultation normal sounds from heart and lugns. Pink and humid mucous membranes. Stomach normal.

In US can be seen a normal heart. Left chamber of the heart is on the limit of normal size. Contractility (the way heart «pumps» the blood» is in normal range. In both atrio- ventricular  valves there is a insignificant leak towards vestibule. Flow rate of big veins is in normal range. (bicuspid/mitral

and tricuspid valve)

In this examination a heart disease can not be found. Because the size of left chamber (?) is a bit big, still in the range of normal, I recommend a contro US in about 6 months. Take contact, if there are any symptoms.

Hers a map and the leaking points has been circled. Bicuspid valve I understand as the same as Mitral valve.




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