Sinners first CAC and Saint last puppy show

Saint where at her very last puppy show today. She is 7 months and her next show will be the «real deal» 😉

She got BOB under judge Liz-Beth Liljeqvist Sweden.

Good size. Nice head. Eyes a bit light. Good bite. Enough bone, strong paws. Normal angultation. Long chest. Good topline and very promessing movement. Excellent coat.

Saint behaved like a pro in the ring, but decided not to when it was picture time :p



Sinner did his last show in Junior class. He got Excellent and CQ from junior and had 3 other boys in the ring for best male. Sinner got male and his first CAC in Norway (we need working results in Norway and he got his in november). He was much more comfortable in the ring today and moved well in the ring 😀

Judge Liz-Beth Liljeqvist.
Good size. Nice shaped head, a little big ears. Enough dark eyes. Good bite. Enough bone and strong paws. Normal angultation, enough body. Long and good chest. Strong back. Elastic movement. Correct coat.


And yes, I’m feeding him  He is coated down and needs some more meat on his bones. But I have also just started to exercise him more physically with more pulling and back pack. So the result will be this for a couple of months



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