Eye and heart check Banjo

Then «Banjo» DeepEyes Wanderlust V has checked his eyes and heart.

Eye: Results are PPM Iris, other then that he is clear 🙂

For those who dont know what PPM is:

What are persistent pupillary membranes (PPM)?

Persistent pupillary membranes are strands of tissue in the eye. They are remnants of blood vessels which supplied nutrients to the developing lens of the eye before birth. Normally these strands are gone by 4 or 5 weeks of age.

Depending upon the location and extent of these strands, they may interfere with vision. They may bridge from iris to iris across the pupil, iris to cornea (may cause corneal opacities), or iris to lens (may cause cataracts), or they may form sheets of tissue in the anterior chamber of the eye. In many dogs these tissue remnants cause no problems.

Inheritance is not defined.  Breeding recommendation from Nordic Eye Examination Committee:

  • Hunder med små forandringer med strenger som krysser over pupillåpningen kan brukes i avl, men bør fortrinnsvis pares med hund uten tilsvarende forandringer. Dette gjelder alle raser.

(My translation: dogs with small changes can be used in breeding, but is encouraged to use partners with no PPM.)


Remark Mitral Valve regurgitation.




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  1. Tilbaketråkk: Health and Rally results. – Kennel DeepEyes Australian Kelpie

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