Deepeyes 3 international CH

ILCH ILJCH ILGRANDCH BY GEW17 Deepeyes Wanderlust V «Banjo» can put an other title to his name: Internatinal champion! Congratulations! 

Talli and Sinner has also been out and about again. We went to Stockholm winner.

Sinner got vg. He is a bit «high and tall» in the ring at the moment and don’t really show well (he feels uncomfortable after some other young boys is trying to pick a fight and he knows that he is not allowed and he don’t want to pick a fight. But I think age will fix that) 

Talli shows well as always and became Swedish Veteran Winner 2017! And 3 best female! 

Saint was with us also and became BISMascot 😉 She loves being at shows and walking around and looking at everyone and everything. And if I give her something to do the focus is on me. Great puppy! 

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