Agility, obedience and puppyshow

Congratulations to Åsa and «Ennen», DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI, that got there second leg in jump 1 yesterday!

They won with the time 32.29 and the standard time was 54!


«Saint», Dutch Dynamite Devoted DeeDee, has been on her first puppyshows. Got two nice critics, behaved like a stare. Positive, playful, happy and open puppy at her first show. ❤  2*BOB and 4BIG yesterday and levelled up to 3BIG today.

Sinner «Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax» gave me a very nice surprise today. I think I have underestimated him a bit. He did a very good run in his debut in OBI1 today. We did miss one exercises because I haven’t learned it to him, so that is no fault of his own 🙂 He was very focused, happy, quick and did everything I could aspect him to do at his age and level of training. Maybe he could do good in obedience? 😀  2.price and 149/200 points.

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