Sinner MH and Welcome Saint

Sinner did his MH last Saturday. I decided together with the judge to stop at the overall. He reacted quite much and even manage to hurt him self so he started to limp a bit. So not our day. But he is one of the «youngest» dog in development mentally I have ever had and a big baby. I can make a lot of excuses but it won’t make any difference. Will try again in 3-6 months.

He started well on the test, so what really happened. We will never get an answer for, so next time he will show if it was just really bad luck and a series of unfortunate events, or if this is the way he reacts (I have never seen him being this illogical). Will se later, nothing else to do 🙂


And on a more happy note 😀

Yesterday we picked up Saint. So Sinner, now you puppy licence has goon out with Immediate effect *lol*

And thanks again Mo (breeder) for the lovely job you have done with Saint also. It was the same with Sinner. Looks like I can start just strait on with what I want to do ❤


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