1 year birthday and X-ray

Happy first birthday to «Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax!

Dont think he is as happy as me with his gift. But he should only now the value in money *lol*

We checked his knees unofficially (the vet is a kiropraktor) and they are 0/0

And back was done, its unofficial in Norway: but its strait an nice, no extra or missing parts and no signs of anything negative 😀

So two first parts are done!

Then hips and elbows also, they look good. But as always I’m not a veterinary approved to read them. So we are pending the official results from NKC. Fingers X for a couple of weeks as I also now there are some summer holidays at NCK it might take some more time to get the results then is normal. So it will be a long wait.. :p

Please remember that the pictures are taken of a screen with a phone 😉


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